Supcase UB Pro w/ Apple Pencil Charging iPad Pro 11"Case Review...


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With its built-in screen protector, fortified TPU bumpers for drop protection and two-piece case body, this iPad case is sure to defend against anything you put it through. 
A precise cut and design ensures zero interference with device ports, buttons and functions. 

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Unicorn Beetle Pro

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  1. thescrybe
    thescrybe says:

    Installed mine last week. I love it! The screen protector is indeed buttery smooth.
    I buy Unicorn Beetle Cases for all my phones and tablets.
    The protection is excellent and the look and feel of the case is premium.
    I’m clumsy and drop stuff a lot! I’ve never broken a phone or tablet in the Unicorn Beetle.
    Notably, you can't skin your Apple Pencil. This is due to that tight fit.
    Which is a good thing. The pencil charges perfectly in the slot and doesn’t fall out easily.
    You really do have to pull it out using the slot on the back. It’s very secure.
    Loving this case!

  2. Alex Allred
    Alex Allred says:

    Just tried using your 20% off code – it doesn't work. This is the message I get when I try to apply it: "Coupon code "20OFFATG" is not valid." What's the deal?

  3. Woot Tada
    Woot Tada says:

    Hello sir, Just wanted to know if the CHARGING TIME OF THE APPLE PENCIL is affected by this case? Some of the cases with the same feature significantly affects the charging time of the pencil. I just want to confirm that… thanks

  4. Life is Music
    Life is Music says:

    Hello, great review. I am from Europe and I was wondering if there is a way that I could purchase this case? I could really use my iPad outdoors with it. I am so scared to carry a 12.9 beast without proper protection! I searched uk/de amazon but no luck there.

  5. Iván Silva
    Iván Silva says:

    Hi! It’s possible to remove the plastic screen protector and replace it with an tempered glass screen protector and the case works fine? I want that case but I want to use a tempered glass screen protector but I don’t know if the case will still working fine and close well.

  6. guy manitoba
    guy manitoba says:

    Thank you so much for review!
    This case will be my home on monday!
    I was a bit worried since nobody tested it yet.
    I am so happy It didn't have any problem!
    Really appreciate it!
    Bye bye defender! UB pro here I come!

  7. Saundra Smith
    Saundra Smith says:

    I had this brand of case on my iPad Air .It was full on protection but felt heavy like the Otterbox at the time.I gave it to my father for his iPad air…this is his case .It is 100% coverage…no bend,no scratch,dropped and nothing affects the iPad.I just am concerned with the pencil sensitivity on that screen…With this case there is not even a chance of “Bendgate” even the USB port is protected…wow…this is a contender for my 12.9.

  8. Ricardo Ferreira
    Ricardo Ferreira says:

    I have an iPad 11” but need a case to use in the field! What kind do you think is the most appropriate??
    Maybe a hard one would be the best because the iPad can fall from the hands!
    Looking forward your idea! 👍


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