Steam Controller by Valve | Tech Reviews With Adam


Adam gives an insightful review of Valve’s Steam Controller. Will this controller replace your Xbox gamepad or keyboard and mouse?
Valve’s original piece of hardware gives us something worth checking out!

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  1. Nomac55
    Nomac55 says:

    I have had the controller since launch pritty much and i finally figured out good settings for fps games… But now i actually preffer it to the kb and mouse even though its slightly less acurate… Way better then an xbox controller

  2. Mizufluffy
    Mizufluffy says:

    This is a good review. It would obviously be impossible to go in-depth in 6 minutes but you gave a good overview to some of the possibilities it is capable of doing. One thing I really like about the Steam Controller is the amount of customization it has. There were many things I never thought a controller would be capable of doing.

  3. Ravn
    Ravn says:

    how did you use the steam controller for mario games? I mean did you use it for a nintendo console? O _ o or was it a console simulator?

  4. Jared Rivera
    Jared Rivera says:

    Great review, I wan't looking for the super in depth. I wanted to know what buying a steam controller would entail, and you've done that. I will be taking advantage of the steam sale with Darksouls and the steam controller!
    Thanks again.

  5. Morrasod
    Morrasod says:

    Well actully motion controls like the Wii U gamepad is pretty accurate when you mix it toghther with the right stick. Motion controls with right stick is pretty accurate

  6. kiop901
    kiop901 says:

    There is so much to this controller and it's configuration and the tech in there is truly revolutionary in my opinion. Yes it takes time to get use but once u spend more time with it and configure the way you would like to play your games you will like this. I have to say that now after 3 months i prefer it better than my xbox one controller why more so barely any input latency. I figured and use other configuration on playing third party games. The steam controller is a learning curve and is 9nly getting better.

  7. ChozoSR388
    ChozoSR388 says:

    Personally, I don't think six minutes is enough time to do a really conclusive review, mainly because the features are still evolving, and there's so many features that get glossed over.

  8. the926
    the926 says:

    Please do an updated review that also uses the gyro (shooters(first and third), racing, any click and go type games). Its one of the defining features of the controller and is the reason you don't really need a right stick in most instances.

  9. Jibb Smart
    Jibb Smart says:

    Great video! Did you look at all into using the gyro for finer aiming in shooters? There are a few videos around of people playing like that, and I've even got my PS4 controller working like that in DOOM 4 and Overwatch. It takes a little getting used to, but with the gyro sensitivity low, it really helps you make fine adjustments and close the gap further between controller and mouse aim.

  10. retro_Ed
    retro_Ed says:

    Good video !
    Did you knew that it is possible power on pc just pressing Steam button.
    From pc bios enable "usb keyboard remote power on" if it is supported !

  11. Emilio Sanchez
    Emilio Sanchez says:

    Good review but i have to disagree with the 3D platformer part. From my experience this controller has enchanced my experience tenfold in 3D platformers/brawlers. The way I recommend you configure it is by making the grip buttons funtion like analog joystick going in opposite direction, allowing you to turn the camera while jumping around/fight bad guys. But other then that it's nice seeing a reviewer actually use the controller before reviewing it.


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