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Hi, It’s Craig with an announcement that I am starting a new channel called, Average Tech Fan. There will also be a new website called In the last 18 months that I have been filming the Cruising Off Duty channel, I have bought A LOT of Cameras, Gimbals, Drones, Computers and all sorts of other technology to help make this channel the very best quality that it can be.

I am sure I will buy a lot more tech in the future. I really am a Tech Fan and I probably have a spending problem. ha ha. In the past when I bought a new camera or piece of technology, I would often make an episode on the Cruising Off Duty channel showing off the new item and how it was going to be used to make that channel even better. I realized that not everyone subscribed to this channel may care about the latest camera, drone or computer and this channel should only be about Sailing and Travel Lifestyle videos and I should create this new channel, Average Tech Fan, to showcase the Tech I have bought and the tech I plan to buy in the future. Some of the tech I have bought in the recent past, I can tell you if after 3 months, 6 months etc, if it has stood the test of time and if I would suggest buying it or suggest avoiding it. When there is new Cameras, Drones or other technology coming out in the future, I will research it and give all the details and tell you if it is something that I think will be something worth buying or not.

When I do get new Tech, I will review it as quickly as I can on this new channel. Hopefully if you are a tech fan, like I am, you will subscribe to that channel for episodes on all things Tech.

Link to AverageTechFan channel:

New full episodes, coming up soon on that channel. This channel will continue but will not have any tech reviews. This channel will be all the Sailing and Travel Vlogs that you have subscribed for. Thanks for watching..

See you soon,



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  1. gilream
    gilream says:

    Just got back from my first cruise and a really like your caribbean adventures. So I am anxiously awaiting your description of your new iMac for video editing that you promised! I've been Jonesin' for an iMac for the same reasons (higher processing seed, 5K display with 4K image editing). I'm strictly a hobbyist but my 2014 MacBook Air leaves a lot to be desired when editing 4K video! External 1TB drive required. I have an iPhone 7+, a GoPro Hero 6 and a Mavic Pro that all shoot 4K video. Loved the Atlantic crossing and the scuba stuff!…Mike

  2. Bobby Baldeagle
    Bobby Baldeagle says:

    Good thing I learned to read others comments before I post mine… I saw that Bruce already asked how to find the link to your new channel. So I just looked at the answer you gave him the link so I just clicked on it and now I'm all good to go I #29 sub on your new channel… LOL,LOL

  3. A
    A says:

    This will be helpful.
    Good idea.
    Have a Pentax K50, perfect for photos in Canadian winter's, yet the video quality is a no. Great thing is the adapter that accepts 4 double A batteries for those extended trips into the wilderness.
    Be interesting to see the gear you use for overcoming the elements. Looking to upgrade from this and a GoPro.
    Shall now go sub and click the notification bell.


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