Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on iPad- Game Review with LNLLCG’s Jalinon


Hello, dear viewer, here is my review of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR, on iPad. For more information on it you can watch my Let’s Play. I’ll cover what parents should know about the game, my thoughts on the gameplay and story, possible glitches, peripherals, price, and if I would recommend the game to a friend.

This review contains my own opinions and I’ve not been sponsored by any company or paid to present my views.

No real spoilers.

Would I recommend KOTOR? YES.

The Light Side Let’s Play is finished. Comment if you want to see the Dark Side or any more KOTOR videos in the future.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a role-playing video game, and all its content is owned by Aspyr Media, Inc. It was developed by Bioware and published by Lucas Arts.

I have been given permission to post videos of my gameplay and to monetize it by Aspyr Media, Inc. The following is from their message to me, “Hi, Brian, thanks for checking in! We’re 100% on board with content creators such as yourself monetizing gameplay videos of our games, including KOTOR on mobile devices. We wish you luck in your new YouTube endeavor!”

Thanks, Aspyr!

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