Sprint Review 2020! Good Value, Poor Coverage


Is Sprint worth it? My review of Sprint in February 2020, just before the Sprint and T-Mobile merger goes through. Compare Sprint plans – https://www.bestphoneplans.net/networks/sprint

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Sprint CEO Quotes from New York Post article – https://nypost.com/2020/02/12/how-softbank-ceo-masayoshi-son-turned-sprint-into-the-telecom-wars-latest-casualty/
Reddit user’s story of being scammed – https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/f5hvrk/sprint_store_scam_update_im_demonstrating_outside/
RootMetrics Coverage Map – http://webcoveragemap.rootmetrics.com/en-US

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47 replies
  1. Matthew Ault
    Matthew Ault says:

    i worked for sprint years and the kick start only has a few gigs of high speed data its the lowest of low plans, even though unlimited basic says that it is not deprioritized it is usually you wont get the value towards unlimited plus which they will shove down your throats to make up for the bad service. Also you have to compare the leasing plan of the phones a lot of people will lose money due to not paying the phone off at the end and that wont go towards phone so if you forget your out of luck. the business practice wasn't their and they need the merger to happen to stay some what relevant. Im not going to say never switch but find the carrier best for you and avoid commission hungry reps cause their is a lot of shady practices they exercise.

  2. FubarMike
    FubarMike says:

    The thing is when they say say an area has coverage they don't say things like but if you go inside any structure with a roof on it you get jack crap all for signal. That's the thing about the small town I live in it is stated to have coverage on all 4 major carriers however only Verizon gets signal inside of buildings

  3. aab434
    aab434 says:

    Sprint Is trash
    75% of the places i went to in my area I couldnt get a data signal. T-Mobile may not he on att or verizons level but T-Mobile is worlds ahead

  4. aab434
    aab434 says:

    "You get what you pay for"
    I switched to Tmobile and noticed a world of difference on data reliability and my area is an older area that hasn't been upgraded in several years

  5. Quentin Sumner
    Quentin Sumner says:

    The only reason why sprint sont get as many subscribers as Tmobile is they aren't fully GSM and you cant bring GSM unlocked phone Tmobile sucks in the upper midwest unless you live in a major market.

  6. Daniel Hendricks
    Daniel Hendricks says:

    Well done video, as always! The audio is quite good – what do you use for a mic? How is a Sprint/T-Mobile merger going to work with regard to CDMA vs GSM?

    I was a loyal #Sprint customer for over a decade in the noughties until I started traveling for work. I quickly realized how terrible their #WiMax network was and switched to #ATT (after having to pay for replacement of several phones due to evil and anti-competitive vendor lock-in; lesson leaned, I now only buy unlocked phones). Today (with your help), I am shopping around for #Verizon MVNOs because AT&T screwed me¹ after years of loyalty and overpaying.

    ¹Ref: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr56cm

  7. jacob60617
    jacob60617 says:

    Let me tell you fast. Sprint is bad I had them for a week and switch back to AT&T. Omg I hope T-Mobile can save them. I would never go back to sprint again.

  8. Xander Rendon
    Xander Rendon says:

    I dealt with sprints garbage service since the Nextel era I had Verizon and att also than I switched to T-Mobile in 2016 and have never looked back being able to make calls and use the internet or not drop to 3G or 1x on a major highway was night and day difference and their speeds were never over 2-3mbps I live in a major city and I know their yellow coverage map is so over inflated and decieving no one should suffer with this…

  9. 115th Precinct
    115th Precinct says:

    And that guy was an idiot can’t blame sprint for being dumb and getting got heres a tip from a sales rep DONT EVER BUY FROM A AUTHORIZED DEALER!!! we get paid to literally overprice stuff you want and give you stuff you didn’t ask for and charge you for it 🤷🏽‍♂️ so buy online or corporate store and that’s with anything not just phones don’t be dumb ask if this is a corporate store they have to tell you or look one up 😂

  10. 115th Precinct
    115th Precinct says:

    Been using kickstart since June of last year lived in Fl and worked amazingly Live in NY and works amazingly and I travel to Puerto Rico and works amazingly so why would I pay more for unlimited when I get great service for 25 bucks 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. 55 44
    55 44 says:

    May i ask, I know this isn’t a 5G video but can the Huawei mate 30 pro 5G or even international model s20 ultra be use in the us science they are way cheaper in my country

  12. QuickTech
    QuickTech says:

    C-Spire is the worst in the industry I promise you. They have contract and prepaid and they use they’re own towers. They don’t have coverage outside Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia areas

  13. Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee says:

    I have an iPhone 11 on Verizon. I switched over my sim from my Blackberry with no problem. I have available the eSim. I am curious whether I can use the eSim to test other carriers, including Sprint. Verizon is expensive but I'd like to test coverage before I drop Verizon. Maybe I'm asking for a general discussion on how to make use of eSim.

  14. Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson says:

    I have had sprint since 2014 and it’s been the best value out there. I get great coverage at work and home. I get faster speeds then those with AT&T and Verizon. I’m also only paying $35 a month for unlimited everything. If you own your devices and do not travel much sprint is great. I traveled to three different states last week and my phone worked perfectly.


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