Space Gray Tesla Model S Wrap!


Shot on iPhone X and iPhone 8 over a couple of days.

Colors: Satin Dark Grey S261 body and Satin Black S12.

Shout-out to:

Video Gear I use:

Pyramid byThe Phoenix
Choo Choo by Alltta




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  1. Lane Salbacka
    Lane Salbacka says:

    How have autopilot and adaptive cruise control been working? Putting a wrap over the front bumper like that can change the effectiveness of the radar. Those bumpers were specially made to be radar transparent, using a wrap can sometimes ruin the radar transparency of the front bumper and cause false object detection or keep the system from working at all.

  2. Josh L
    Josh L says:

    I want a car to be a car with a real engine, with those awesome engine revving sounds, with some gears and a clutch. Not a boring car like an iPhone.


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