Sony WH1000XM3 Review: A New ANC King!


New all-time favorite noise cancelling headphones. Thank YOU for putting these on my radar.

Sony WH-1000XM3:

Surface Headphones:

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Intro Track: Moe Shop – Natural
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  1. Jesse Kaiman
    Jesse Kaiman says:

    Ordered a pair of these… returned them the very next day. Annoying static in the right ear cup, straight out the box brand new from best buy. I did some digging and some people reported that slapping it helped. I slapped it like the first time I ever slapped it, not a damn thing changed. Then thought for $377 I better not have to slap some brand new headphones for them not to annoy the shit out of me. Maybe when I'm old and can no longer hear as well I'll pick a pair up, until then the search continues

  2. ricky v
    ricky v says:

    Very cool video. I liked how your sweater matched the interior of that Van during the video. Well, thought out Marquess. Oh, and the headphones look to be a promising buy. 😉

  3. Er Ha
    Er Ha says:

    They are better in terms of sound and anc but bose qc35 II beats these with comfort: sony made my ears sweat and they look huge on the head, bose has smaller footprint and kept my ears cool.

  4. silverdragon0000120
    silverdragon0000120 says:

    Forgot to mention you can’t use it with a pc or anything that isn’t a smartphone, New update makes anc horrible, headband cracks because of cheap build quality and Sony doesn’t honor warranty, Sony customer service is atrocious, touch controls are buggy and work sporadically, if you live in the cold forget about it because they will pause and skip or put volume up and down. Sure they may sound ok but that’s about it. Sony are a bunch of Jews, fuck them. I’m not buying shit from them anymore.

  5. Tl2AV! WAV!
    Tl2AV! WAV! says:

    Do the 1000xm3’s sound better than the xb950bt’s… I want to buy a pair of premium Sony headphones… I am interested in the upgrade from xb950bt’s to 1000xm3’s for $350… I need help with deciding please help… is it worth upgrading from xb950bt’s to 1000xm3’s yes or no?

  6. live yourlife
    live yourlife says:

    well you can connect it to two devices at the same time BUT it has to be one android and one ios, or 2 devices same operation system only one for calls and the other for media ets

  7. Greg Curtis
    Greg Curtis says:

    May be a niche use case but it is a shame about the microphones….they pick up such a wide area of sound that you can't use them for calls in anything other than a really quiet room. Only headphones I’ve had that work really well on that front were the Bose QC 35’s. Sony better in all other respects.

    Shame Google button function won't work with the ability to turn ANC on/off – you have to choose between the two in settings.

  8. Lau Chun Hei
    Lau Chun Hei says:

    I'd like to point out that you can negate the effects of wind directly blowing into the mic through the headphones app, you can choose a setting called "reduce wind noise" or something to that effect.

  9. Critical Thinking
    Critical Thinking says:

    I bought the sony m3s yesterday and the beat and aound quality sucked the bass was horrible vocals was really low. noise cancellation was great no problem there. Called sony they said it may be a defected pair. They may be right because when i returned them i listen to the one they had in display and it sounded great.

  10. Milton Brown
    Milton Brown says:

    A new King Maybe but not much better than the WH -1000xm2..Don’t believe the hype YouTube reviewers have gone completely overboard..USBC enables to charge quicker and just because the music might sound better .These are just a slight improvement and everything is just the same nothing is new really just a few tweaks here and there..Like I said in my previous message don’t be taken I’m by the misleading YouTube Reviewers.

  11. Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez says:

    Watching this with my Bose QC35ii. I would still choose Bose over the Sonys, because I can connect the Bose with two devices at once so I can work in my computer and take calls on my phone. Plus, they sound great. Good video. Greetings from México 🙂

  12. Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan says:

    The multi-device automatic connection was a deal-breaker for me after I bought this pair. I returned them and went with the Bose. Also, I find the Bose is more comfortable after wearing both for several hours. Upon closer inspection you can see why. The ear cups in the Bose are deeper and slanted to align better with your ear. The Sony was slightly pushing on my ears which led to the fatigue of wearing them for extended times.


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