Sony 2020 CES Conference Live stream - New technology and PS5? Maybe?


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12 replies
  1. Oj Gamer90s
    Oj Gamer90s says:

    At least with Xbox And Nintendo they at least teased us with something with there new consoles Even a trailer we had at Game awards for Xbox series X
    And Nintendo did a whole 1hour presentation just for a new console
    But playstation just slowly reveals a new logo technically it not new because P And S Are the same the only new thing is The number 5
    So playstation Teased The Number 5 And that was literally it
    I know soon will see more stuff but maybe just maybe I might hold off on a ps5 for now just because so many ps4 Games in the early beginning year to buy like persona 5 royal residents evil 3 and final fantasy remake plus the KH3 DLC

  2. Elena DeHowler WereWolf Queen
    Elena DeHowler WereWolf Queen says:

    Sorry mom and I missed your stream, CGE.. didn’t get the notification because we were sleeping… you’ll still have a view and like from each of us though so I hope that helps! We’ll see you guys Thursday for the regularly scheduled stream!! 🐾

  3. Dr. Nope
    Dr. Nope says:

    I legit laughed my god damn ass off when I saw them reveal the god damn logo! IT'S THE SAME LOGO!!! Sony, you guys look fucking ridiculous right now. Xbox is kinda kicking your ass atm. What a waste of a reveal. 😂😂😭😭


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