Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 2020 12.9" - I FINALLY bought one and...


Before the launch of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 2020 12.9.” I thought I would finally get my hands on the Smart Keyboard Folio for my brand new 12.9″ model. It’s an interesting product to say the least, one I am actually really enjoying but not without it’s quirks and negative aspects. In this video I essentially review it in talking about its negative and positive aspects.



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  1. ken ng
    ken ng says:

    I have been using iPads for work for many years now and I am thankful for your channel as it's so hard to find good resources and videos on how to get more out of your iPads. I too went with the smart keyboard for my 2018 11" iPad Pro. Yes, it's pricey, but I find it still offers the best integrated experience. It's very convenient to detach and attach and you don't have to worry about charging or pairing. It basically addresses most of the issues I had with other keyboard cases. I think you will find that once you have gone with the Smart Keyboard, you can't go back, however obscene the price may be. And Apple knows it.

  2. Gambit 13
    Gambit 13 says:

    I have a couple of keyboards and, while I really like how portable it is, one of the biggest issues I’ve had with Apple’s Smart Keyboard is that the material it was made of (this is the 2018 version) was not very good. For a $200 keyboard, it did not last very long. It was wearing so badly that I had to get a vinyl skin. As a result I switch between the Apple Keyboard (when I need portability) the the Brydge (when I just need to get work done).

  3. Agnivanshi
    Agnivanshi says:

    Hello Noah , i am really confused between mac book pro 16 inches and alienware , i need a laptop for video editing , picture editing , music production and of course gaming , can you please suggest me what to buy

  4. Sarah Santos
    Sarah Santos says:

    Noahhhhh can you try this ipad when doing a research paper like how does it operate when a lot of tabs are open and a lot of systems are used since i think the pad is said to be veryyy beneficial when it comes to academic stuffs cause my samsung laptop would just hang and its very frustrating

  5. The Crazy Sharma
    The Crazy Sharma says:

    I feel like adding the brydge keyboard will be better when comparing it to the macair. Due to its metallic finish it would look more like a laptop and the hinge mechanism gives more angles to put the ipad on. Imo ipad pro 11inch (265) + apple pencil 2+ the upcoming brydge pro keyboard (adding up to $1200) would be the best laptop replacement for most students.

  6. NileshR12
    NileshR12 says:

    They could'vr EASILY included a row of function keys above the number row of keys. That is so stupid given how much these keyboard cases cost 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄


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