Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Review


Do you want a pair of premium wireless (bluetooth) headphones that literally shake your head with bass? Well, gladly, you can turn the bass down pretty easily so maybe these are for more than just those! Let’s take a look at the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless!
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37 replies
  1. Christ. N
    Christ. N says:

    First time I bought these style of headphones. N damn I do not regret these. Awsome. N yea. I didnt know about the loudness of it. Blasted the bass and was on the city bus lol. Loud . Got it on sale 120 from 200

  2. Stephen Viele
    Stephen Viele says:

    Ive watched a few reviews of these headphones now and the main con everyone seems to mention is that theres too much bass LMAO i guess these are the perfect headphones<3 btw yes they literally shake from the bass people sensitive to bass stay away.

  3. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith says:

    Ok. Guys before you buy these I'd like to make you aware of a huge flaw with these.

    It's the haptic bass.

    It's one tone. It's not bass. It's a vibration. The effect it produces does not match the music.

    I find the 'bass' horrendous and it just totally ruins the music.

  4. Dedy Andrianto
    Dedy Andrianto says:

    Hey man, I have this pair. Love it! But the haptic cut off at lower volume (50% and bellow). It kicks back in if there's heavy bass at low volume or if volume turned up 51% above. May I know if yours do the same thing? I contacted Skullcandy, their representative told me the haptic engine is designed to kick in at 50% volume and above.

  5. Jim Kong-Un
    Jim Kong-Un says:

    The bass really sounds like a subwoofer in a car but only with the higher bass 60hz and up. But out the box, they arent that loud at max volume even with my phone volume maxed out. Do I have to charge it fully before first time using?

  6. xEl-_-Chavo 831x
    xEl-_-Chavo 831x says:

    Hey by any chance when you opened the headset did both your left and right work. Im asking because the ones I have only the right work but the left doesn’t. Let me know if they are sopposed to be like that or if it is damaged.

  7. saint xp
    saint xp says:

    Partly true but it depend on the songs you hear on that skullcandy crusher. Btw, it does reach more than 40 hours if u maxed the volume 100%. But if u leave it on 50%, it can last even longer. I used crusher on my daily basis more than my HiFiMan HE400i. So far, i enjoyed it.

    CRAB JAB says:

    1: Do you like clear and heavy bass ?
    2: Insanely loud and clear?
    3: Do you listen to Dubstep or Bass driven music?

    If YES then buy these. I’m 38, had about 20 pairs of all styles over the years. These are the best over ear headphones I have ever heard outside of a pro studio. AKG headphones for that.

    Comfortable , fucking fucking loud and you will NOT be able to have the bass on full. It vibrates and don’t distort. Incredible headphones


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