Siri vs Alexa


James’s Tech Reviews! Episode 1

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  1. Katharyne Simpson
    Katharyne Simpson says:

    I won't have one, it literally monitors you constantly. No thanks. Also no smart house, we are gonna find criminals hacking your system and getting much more then possessiona instead of breaking in and stealing shit.

  2. The 148th Kakapo
    The 148th Kakapo says:

    You can be strong James, you don't need those women in your life. Just keep being you, and everyone will see you for who you truly are: a silly doofus who can't even make a tech review.

    On second thought, maybe you should shack up with Google Home.

  3. Cheryl sibson
    Cheryl sibson says:

    dear James Vitch, I received a text message stating that I could get a car wrapped with Pepsi cola for 500 weekly by writing to info@pepsicolacom, I replied by text back I have no car to wrap, so I told my kids and they said it's a scam. so I asked my server, they said to block them, but somehow, that doesn't seem satisfying? I'm thinking about sending them a picture of a dead car out of icbc ( insurance company) impounded car lot with rust on it , somehow, won't do anything since I already told them I don't have a car? what witty response would you have told them? best of luck in the future, the no car lady.

  4. Angela Falsetta
    Angela Falsetta says:

    Hilarious, James!!! You are a natural comedian with the most unique style I have ever experienced! What a riot!! Would love to see you in person should you ever come to the USA for a show…particularly New York. It would be quite a gift! TYSM! SO MUCH! All the Very Best To YOU!


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