Simbans TangoTab - The Best Cheap Android Tablet Right Now? [REVIEW]



Although not everything is perfect on this tablet, it’s still a very good deal for the price. It’s cheap, works fast (= most important thing for me) and has a vivid screen. The sound and camera quality is not that good but that can be fixed with headphones and not taking pictures with a tablet. Overall very good device with a nice case included. It’s a bit bulky and not that premium but it’s definitely worth the money.

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9 replies
  1. gaming53 wishmaster
    gaming53 wishmaster says:

    wall if it gos down to 40$ dollows this black friday than i will buy one other wise it may take me a few to get one but thanks i need some thing newer than kitkat 4.4 android cus im a gamer lol

  2. Hugo P
    Hugo P says:

    Your review is straight to the points but the right ones. Useful realistic review. I subscribe and give my blue thumb . Well done !


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