Should You Buy a ROBOT Vacuum Cleaner? (Roomba 980 Review) | The Tech Chap


Should You Buy a Robot Vacuum Cleaner? – I’m testing the £899 iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum cleaner to find out how it works and if it’s worth buying. US: | UK:


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33 replies
  1. iKingRPG
    iKingRPG says:

    What I'm still having trouble finding is if there was let's say a small toy or piece of food, does it avoid it or just suck it up? Does it get stuck?

  2. Global Varks
    Global Varks says:

    Never buy the iRobot. They are ONLY interested in volume on sales. I have 2 Roombas and neither of them work right. This company is MERELY living off of BLOATED taxpayer funded GOVERNMENT Contracts. We have to wonder how much KICK BACKS are being paid to those who fall victims to their LOBBY THIEVES.

  3. Nilo Dev
    Nilo Dev says:

    Buy the dumb ones. One's which have networking are essentially recording devices. In recent times, one of the manufacturers wanted to sell the recordings to interested parties, but the public outcry stopped the sale of the videos.

  4. Youtuber 1
    Youtuber 1 says:

    My gf wanted one. I didn’t think it’d be very practical but saw a good deal on one and got it. Im really glad I did. I’m very impressed with how well it works. It does an incredible job picking up pet hair. We still use the Kirby once to twice a week but this has made things much easier and cleaner. I do wish it wasn’t so loud but that’s not a big deal because it can clean when you’re not home.

  5. mag steel
    mag steel says:

    When I had a Roomba I found cleaning it out was a major pain. Hair and dust would get wrapped around the little wheels and brushes and needed to be frequently and painstakingly removed.


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