Shark Rocket Corded ZS351 Vacuum with Zero-M REVIEW


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So jumping into the pros I really like the Zero M brushroll which is a newly designed system that is supposed to greatly reduce the amount of pet hair tangles on the brush. These little protursions on the top of the housing actively remove any tangles over time. We tried to get pet hair tangled in the brush with our tests and the feature does seem to work well, and many reviews I have seen tend to agree.

Its also really good at carpet cleaning, it picked up all the debris in the tests from fine debris to pet hair and even extra large debris with few issues. It did struggle a little with the froot loops but it was able to pick them up too.

And with the carpet deep clean test, where we rub sand into a thick medium pile carpet and weigh the dust bin before and after it scored a perfect 100% which is not as common as you might think, especially with stick vacuums. It also did good with the thick carpet in this test not bogging down like some vacuums tend to do.

On hard floors it was mostly a pro, it picked up heavy debris like sand perfectly which is somewhat rare, it does have a nice airflow seal on the bottom which Shark has been implementing a lot lately which helps with this. It picked up pet hair very nicely and it did fairly well with large debris to a point. Like most non duoclean Sharks the upper limit was particularly large cheerios and certainly anything larger at least on hard floors.

It was fairly versatile as you can use it as a handheld with the included upholstery tool or crevice tool, its very adept at getting into hard to reach places with is slim design and very smooth swivel. It has two power options, one for hard floors and one where it spins the brush faster for carpets and thick rugs, though the actual power output does not change when you change modes.

We might as well talk about the power now even though its not necessarily a pro.
We measured the airflow at both the base and at the cleaner head and found that it had 45 cfm and 40 cfm respectively, and its suction was measured at about 49 inches of water lift.

The airflow numbers are about on par with a high end cordless vacuum like the Dyson V8 or the Shark Ion P50, though its suction is a bit lower than average in that case, but I do expect more from a corded vacuums like the Rocket is, as compared to its corded counterparts it would be considered below average. That being said because of its mechanics and the aforementioned seal, it does perform like a more powerful vacuum getting a slightly above average score on the crevice pickup test for example.

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26 replies
  1. Jude Southern Ontario
    Jude Southern Ontario says:

    Yes but the lift away I see you bent over and making sure it will not topple. So the comparison is the same yet no tiring arm, just a tiring back lol. I'd rather use 2 hands to lift it then bend over or have it topple over if I pull the cord a little too much and don't bend over to carry it to each side of the bed.

  2. are vee
    are vee says:

    Wow, 100%. Is that a first?
    I'd say the biggest con for me would be the cord. Love my cordless vacuums. I have Shark P50 and Dyson V8.
    P50 gets a lot of hair tangled in the brushroll and needs to have the filters cleaned a lot. I also see dust outside the exhaust filter, so it probably doesn't filter that well. Despite those issues, it's a really nice vac. The lift away and the ability to stand on its own are also pluses. I've also found the LED headlights do a fantastic job of illuminating dust on hard floors.
    The Dyson V8 is so maneuverable and gets in tight spaces. The filters almost never get dirty and it doesn't leak dust, so it must seal better.
    If there has to be a cord, it needs to be attached to a 'real vacuum'.

  3. Shawn Jamison
    Shawn Jamison says:

    What do you recommend for super thick and high pile premium soft carpeting? The non-adjustable nozzle height of all the shark models would probably be an issue with thicker carpets I would imagine.

  4. Vacuumtests
    Vacuumtests says:

    Exactly what I think of my Shark Rocket.. I have the previous version Shark Rocket True Pet Ultra-Light HV320 and it is very tiring for the arm. Pick up performance is good, but I just don't want to use it so much. It's a shame because otherwise it is good. It's also very noisy compared to the full size Sharks.

  5. Nessa419
    Nessa419 says:

    I have a shark stick vacuum and just like u said.. storing it and not being able to leave it upright is my reason for not rating it higher. Other than that I like it. 👍🏼

  6. The All Tech Collector 2.0
    The All Tech Collector 2.0 says:

    Vacuumwars great video. But I was alittle disappointed to hear that this shark vacuum is ok but it's not good as a whole house vacuum because I was going to buy this vacuum (the blue model) as a whole house vacuum to clean bare floors and area rugs but I guess I'll look at other shark vacuum models instead. 😀

  7. danger450
    danger450 says:

    I also generally like Shark "high end" stuff, especially in the last 2 or 3 years, they have upped their game, however it's a joke that this unit is so cumbersome to store and use, especially with no HEPA filter. Just buy the APEX DuoClean Zero M powerred Lift Off. AZ1000W.

  8. jeremy b
    jeremy b says:

    Great Review 👍. These shark rockets always seemed too bulky for a stick vac. Which defeats the purpose of them. A canister or an upright with on board tools are better options.


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