Shark APEX DuoClean w/ Zero M Powered Lift-Away REVIEW AZ1002


Shark Apex w Zero M on Amazon:
The Shark Apex with Zero M is the most powerful vacuum cleaner in Sharks lineup, and is probably the most powerful bagless vacuum on the market. We measured its suction at an astonishing 101 inches of water lift, which is higher than I personally have ever seen, and its airflow at 90 cfm at the hose which is higher than other premium vacuums like the Dyson Ball Animal 2 or the Miele U1. Its even higher than the previous Apex for some reason, despite it having the same 1350 watt motor.

As Sharks Top of the line vacuum its packed with a ton features including the Duoclean floor nozzle and the new Zero M technology which we will talk about in a minute, it has bright LED lights on the floor nozzle and one on the handle.

It has a noise reduction technology, as well as active glide technology which makes it easier to maneuver. Its also a completely sealed system with HEPA filtration which is unfortunately more rare than it probably should be, as most vacuums out there leak badly even if they do have HEPA filters.

Its also a powered lift away meaning that it has a variety of easy to access configurations, including the powered lift away mode, which dramatically reduces the weight and makes it super easy to clean in hard to reach places as the brush roll still is powered in this mode.

Before we get to the new Zero M lets talk about the Duoclean. I think the Duo Clean technology is the best invention in the vacuum world in a long time. Its basically a soft roller and a standard brush roll combined in the same cleaner head. It picks up just everything it touches on carpet or hard floors. When I prepare pickup tests for these videos it’s the only type of vacuum that has never failed a pickup test, no matter what I throw at it. It really is the top of the vacuum food chain as the name suggest, But its not just about gobbling up big messes. Its also a very precise.

The soft roller is amazing for the finest dust, up to the largest debris on hard floors. If you have hard floors you need a vacuum with a soft roller period. But the Apex is great for carpets as well, you just flip the switch from the hard floor to its low or high pile carpet settings and it reduces the suction, and speeds up the brush roll for the same great performance on carpet.

Its pet hair pickup is second to none as well which brings us to the brand new Zero M technology. So the Zero M, which I assume stands for zero maintenance is a completely redesigned brush roll which uses little protrusions on the top of the nozzle to actively remove pet hair that tries to wrap itself around the brush. We tried our very best to get it wrapped in hair with our tests and at the end of the day of tests there was virtually nothing to clean up.

This seems to solve the age old problem of vacuums requiring tedious, and kind of dirty cleanings of the brush bar. So kudos to Shark for yet another innovative technology.

Besides the mysterious increase in power form the previous version there are a few other changes, including my favorite which is an upgrade in the wheels, the previous generation used plastic wheels with a felt cover which was prone to wear, and was the principal reason I never fully endorsed that version but thankfully the new version has upgraded the wheels to a super sturdy rubber which seem like they will last the lifetime of the vacuum.

There is also a slight change in the hose construction, and it seems that Shark is using this hose type on all of its new vacuums, and it seems sturdy as well.

The attachment set varies but mine came with a crevice tool a combo upholstery tool / dusting brush a n anti allergen dusting brush and the flexible under appliance wand.

So lets move on to the cons.

Its no surprise that Sharks most powerful vacuum is also its heaviest vacuum at 16 lbs, but heavy for Shark is a relative idea, consider the last few upright vacuums we have reviewed, The Apex is basically the same weight as the Sebo Felix and lighter than all the others on this list.

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22 replies
  1. Joshua Owen
    Joshua Owen says:

    I really enjoy your videos, it helps especially in choosing a vacuum and what to watch for. I am trying to decide between this vacuum the apex zero m, the ion p50 and the ion f80. I'm wondering how they compare. Obviously the apex has much more power and the zero m sounds great, but the conveniency of cordless is very tempting as I like to vacuum my car out often and not have to be tied to an outlet or having to unplug and plug as I change rooms. Wondering if the p50 or f80 still has plenty of power and if the extra power apex will be very noticeable for most people, and the 2 ion's are much cheaper then the Apex. How much difference in power and easy of use between the p50 and f80.

  2. Deanna Reiki Webster
    Deanna Reiki Webster says:

    For $475 I got the vacuum, true pet upgrade so ALL attachments, a free steam mop and a lifetime warranty with Shark. I suggest going with them. You can get another vacuum for like $175 with the purchase but I have no need. I just learned I have a dust mite allergy. A lifetime warranty is what got me because I'm going to be using this thing potentially 3 times a week.

  3. Th3 Highlander
    Th3 Highlander says:

    This review was awesome, pretty much the reason I pulled the trigger on this vac and it just came yesterday. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. The hose on the new one looks like it doesn’t stretch as much as the older design which is unfortunate.

  4. Frank Carvell
    Frank Carvell says:

    Greetings from Kentucky…just brought our Duo Clean home, assembled it and turned it loose on our floors. My only concern is the Zero M technology. It doesn't keep pet hair from wrapping around the brush. I've had to cut dog hair twice so that vacuuming could continue. Suction is as reviewed but my Golden Retrievers beat it.

  5. Lilly A.
    Lilly A. says:

    WARNING!! My Shark vacuum, that I just received 2 weeks ago, HAS AN ELECTRICAL SHORT. I just spoke to Shark. They are sending another BUT they said I will LOOSE my VIP warranty. Not sure what that means yet.

  6. Munky332
    Munky332 says:

    'Bout to buy one to replace my old windtunnel upright bagged. Ordered a replacement part for it THREE WEEKS AGO and they still haven't shipped it after multiple e-mails and calls. I'm cancelling my order for a 6$ hose and buying a 300$ replacement Apex instead. lol


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