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Like a shadow, this cloud based PC follows you around and can be accessed remotely on many devices! Bring your laptop on trips or play some games on break at work and have the power of a desktop PC at your fingertips.

No laptop, no problem! Hook up a phone or tablet via hdmi to the TV, bring a wireless controller and GAME. I’d also suggest one of those bluetooth keyboards for ease of access.

Video compression is impressive as details are maintained at a high level of fidelity. There can be digital artifacting with lower bitrate settings.

If you don’t have a good internet connection or live in a supported area, you’re likely to run into issues. All my gaming was done with a 200gig down 20 up connection.

System requirements to run shadow are super low. So why not give it a try if you are interested in expanding your gaming horizons!?


More information can be found here

Use this code at checkout to save $10


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  1. Marcello Ortiz
    Marcello Ortiz says:

    My friend told me about this, and like anyone else, I was skeptical. THIS is the video Shadow Tech should be advertising, not their crappy ads like they have now. When you show the person moving left on the right analog stick and THE CHARACTER ON SCREEN DOESNT MOVE AN INCH.. You already pushed a lot of people away from the service. I am sending this video to all of my gaming friends in hopes they'll consider it. This video deserves way more views. Shadow Tech, where you at???


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