Self Driving Mercedes: Behind the Wheel!


Mercedes’ Autonomous car tech at CES 2017!

The Tesla playlist:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee




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  1. Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold says:

    Instead of wasting £70.000, it would be more economical to turn in your operator's license and just call a taxi. It would be cheaper and be just the same. If you do not want to drive, do not force it. Keep taxi drivers employed. Call a taxi and never drive again. Me, I will never relinquish my control, be constantly tracked, be controlled by someone else, and have my car be capable of being remotely disabled.

  2. GamerZoneArmy
    GamerZoneArmy says:

    Let's just imagine a time where you walk into your car and plug in your phone with Google maps and then u self driving then google maps gets hacked by fbi and then all us who go deep web in jail

  3. GLR
    GLR says:

    On every feature you mentioned and said “like Tesla does it”, the reality is Mercedes did it first with their S-classes since 00s then ‘10

  4. Eric Esplin
    Eric Esplin says:

    This car is cool, but less automated than you might think. The extent of automation in passenger airplanes would make you see this in a completely different light. I hope this technology hits roads soon because driving (and safety) will improve dramatically.

  5. Philip Samuels
    Philip Samuels says:

    Like the report. There are so many things that are done by computer and we do not even pay attention until something goes wrong. I think the more we hear about it and the more we hear it is working the more people will warm up to it.

  6. king Pinchez
    king Pinchez says:

    I would like when am drunk I sit on the passenger sit, and it takes me back home… I would love to see the cops face he stops the car 😛😜😂😂😂😂😂no charge 4 me

  7. Slater Rodney
    Slater Rodney says:

    Self driving is straight from hell, the devil made Teslas and Mercedes….es…. I don't know how to write that lol. I think I'm the biggest Tesla fan in the world, and I will 100% trust a self driving car. It's like trusting your life on that team (probably hundreds of people) who make the autopilot software. I probably would wait 4-5 years till I get a license and those autonomous softwares are out of beta though😉

  8. Johannes
    Johannes says:

    Sensors on this or the BMW are far superior to the Teslas. Using only 1 front radar and ultrasonic sensors for the surroundings is crazy. Changing lanes is mad

  9. Swizz Ronny
    Swizz Ronny says:

    Mercedes benz we love you but please make your infortainment system touch screen…please other companies have..please mercedes that would mean the world to me

  10. Freddy6210
    Freddy6210 says:

    HERE maps is the successor to Navteq, one of the biggest mapping companies in the world. And Tesla also uses map data to adjust the speed of the car in autopilot.


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