See paralyzed man move his leg using new technology


A new electronic stimulation device allows this paralyzed man to move on demand. Elizabeth Cohen reports.



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  1. debra james
    debra james says:

    Electrical impulses and implants working together to promote a greater connection to the spine.
    So we must ask , when the spine is out of tact will one ever be able to move or walk? We are taught that the body is made to heal! However certain stimuli must be in place!

  2. hirengiri goswami
    hirengiri goswami says:

    Hi, my L2 is broken. In 2012.
    Now i recovered almost i can run i can walk… And i am doing everything what normal people can do. But i feel that my left leg is not responding me as responding right leg. From knee and hips. And my anchol is not working as they have to work proper. So can you please explain is this device is useful to get learn or get proper recovery in my physiotherapy. Required video or files or MRI REPORTS must be provide. Please do revert for the same on my whats up no if possible. +919537575556 i am from india.

  3. james hartley
    james hartley says:

    scary shit but wow thats great to see him move! i know people who have had limbs removed because they couldnt use them (but it the limb was fine to look at) so they got them removed. bet they regretting it so much ;o


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