Santa Cruz 5010 tech talkaround


It looks very similar to the old 5010, so what has changed and what difference does it make. This is the static tech talkaround to go with the proper lairy live ride review. Thanks for watching, liking, sharing, subscribing and hit me up in comments for more chat. Cheers Guy K



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  1. Rich Morris
    Rich Morris says:

    Recently bought the 5010 alloy frame from stif….. it’s an Epic bike only rode once at LUBP but wow it just wants to jump…. need to try out stainburn too the tails look super fun and friends in Minskip don’t know why I’ve never been

  2. josh mcfate
    josh mcfate says:

    Hey Guy. Love love your reviews. I have the same bike as tested in an xl as I’m a 225lb rider who likes the rugged stuff. I like to push the bike and catch every jump I can I love to pop off things and fly down the chunk and take the hard lines. So I was wondering your opinion on upping the travel upfront to 140/150? I’m running 2.6 tyres and flip chip is usually on high. Can you give me your opinion on bumping up travel up front and what you would do? Thank you.

  3. rob johnson
    rob johnson says:

    Guy, excellent reviewer. I'm really struggling justifying the price difference between the S build and the x01 build. Is the discrepancy between fox performance (not elite) and fox factory worth it?
    I really appreciate your opinion

  4. Daniel P.
    Daniel P. says:

    Great review! Looking to get the 5010 soon. also maybe don't use "superwide" mode on the GoPro? You can use linear mode and get a less distorted video on the walk through of course! cheers.

  5. trailbiken
    trailbiken says:

    Hello Guy. I currently ride a 2017 medium size 5010 cc which I always thought was too small for me. (90 mm stem) I ride mostly XC and trail, a lot of short steep up and downs, and technical twisty turns. No real big downhills. I am going to purchase the new 2019 5010 cc frame and would like to know what your opinion is on which size frame I should buy. If I stay with a medium, the reach will extend another 16mm. If I go with a large size, my reach will extend another 36 mm and also extend the wheelbase. I do like a very agile, poppy bike. By the way, I am 5'8" tall. Thanks in advance! Oh, and in case you are wondering, I do own a 29er as well, but really like the 27.5 platform.

  6. Peak Torque
    Peak Torque says:

    Hi Guy. I know you've been a bike tester for a long time, since birth right? So you're 21 years old now. I respect your videos but if i may add one comment. I have never, ever heard you be critical about a bike on this channel. Why is that? I know not all bikes you have featured are not perfect, but you only seem to blast out the marketing claims that the brands have already published. Most of which is just annoying cliched material. I'd like to see you drilling down harder and being more critical. I know you don't want to upset the powers that send you these bikes, but I would like to see your critical skills. What do you think?

  7. mtbuk1982
    mtbuk1982 says:

    Great walk through Guy. I can’t believe how bare Stainburn is now! I’ve not ridden there since they cut it down. Need to get back over and check it out. Looking forward to the next video!

  8. Brian Vaughn
    Brian Vaughn says:

    That's good to know on sizing. I was a little concerned with the 170 dropper post on the XL. I'm right on the border being 6'1" tall. My local shop said they wouldn't get an XL demo.


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