Samsung Tab S5e Review & Unboxing - Best Android Tablet Of 2019


Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e unboxing & review. A real full review of the best Android tablet of 2019 (so far). In-depth including Samsung DeX, cameras, Antutu, benchmarks eBooks, speakers, and gaming performance. $289 alternative tablet with the same screen: Written review: Where to buy:

01:38 – Design & build
05:49 – Finger/face unlock
07:38 – Screen & outdoors
09:14 – UI, Benchmarks & ROM
12:36 – eBooks & audio
13:57 – Games (PUBG, SGL, Blades)
15:43 – Cameras
16:22 – DeX desktop mode
16:43 – Battery life
17:09 – Kids safe mode
17:22 – Recap Pros & Cons

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Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones, and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver honest reviews, from a user perspective to help you choose the best tech for your needs. Covering points that matter to you as a user with comparisons, benchmarks, thermals and testing popular games.

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25 replies
  1. Dj Jano
    Dj Jano says:

    Lol tab 5 se run fortnite at 20 fps and low graphics and 75% and the ipad mini 5 can run epic graphics 100% 30fps or high graphics at 60fps

  2. Carlene Jollie
    Carlene Jollie says:

    Can you confirm whether you experience this wifi problem as stated in the news? "The Galaxy Tab S5e reportedly loses Wi-Fi when you hold the left corner horizontally."

  3. jm apple
    jm apple says:

    Snapdragon 670 while iPad mini has A12…. Both are same price. If apple allowed for external storage usage, I would have brought an iPad already

  4. cbr9927
    cbr9927 says:

    I bought this one day ago. To me the screen is awesome for 4k videos. However for reg web surfing I prefer a non amoled screen LCD screen. Amoled has darker blacks levels but is flat and dull at times for web pages. My Asus Zenpad and Tab A 10.1 from 2016 look better for web pages. So why did I just spend 399 for this you ask. Well, its weird. I don't enjoy the painful costs of travel and with 4k videos so real and life like this currently is my mode of travel to exp far away places. Yes, it sounds totally weird but thats just me.

  5. Lumi Licious
    Lumi Licious says:

    Hmm… Galaxy Tab S5e: 420€
    Galaxy Tab S4: 440€ … it's 50% faster and comes with the pen and has pretty much the same design.

    Yeah, I guess I'll get the S4 or the new iPad mini which is twice as fast as the Tab S4 and costs about the same… but 4:3 and no expandable storage, but iOS updates for at least 4 years. Man, I really took a bad time to upgrade from my Galaxy Tab S2 8". lol

  6. Einar Johnsen
    Einar Johnsen says:

    I'll probably get this for media consumption. The modern design, and big super amoled display is all i need for media. Not planning on doing any gaming and such. Would like to maybe do some drawing, so the lack of s-pen support is kind of sad, but i think the other pros make up for it.

  7. PSycho PSycho
    PSycho PSycho says:

    This time i wont complain about the headphone jack because of the Quad speakers, i’d mostly use it for gaming so quad speakers its great, also it includes the dongle not like apple that removed the dongle and included their stupid lightning earpods.

  8. NaXter24R
    NaXter24R says:

    Seems like wifi is good in every region but EU. Looking online there are some reports of really bad wifi, and when i say bad, i mean really bad


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