Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Impressions: Mixed Feelings!


Foldable glass and flagship build? Galaxy Z flip proves folding phones are evolving fast… but does that mean this one’s worth $1380?

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  1. Zachary Whitney
    Zachary Whitney says:

    For me, the best feature of modern smartphones is their water and dust protection. Add a slim case and a screen protector and they're nearly indestructible in everyday use. Until folding phones get that figured out they're just interesting show pieces.

  2. Cory
    Cory says:

    I used to have an LG245 flip phone with a screen on the outside for taking selfies.

    We're really going back in time here. Hell, remember when phones were trying to be smaller? We hit the palm pre and it totally reversed.

  3. Kingjay814
    Kingjay814 says:

    If I wanted to pay $1400 bucks for a phone (which is a mortgage payment on a house! WTF!!) I'd still go with the Razr. I like it's looks, that tactile snap when it closes, and while it uses a plastic screen the crease looks less evident. The Z Flip (outside of its stupid name) doesn't do much for me. Specs don't tell the whole story high powered flagship processors need lots of power…I'm curious how the Samsung holds up compared to the Razrs lower specs which I would imagine have a lower power draw (this opting for a smaller battery). Overall this thing is a hard pass for me. I'm still not sold on folding phones at least not yet, but this Z Flip thing…it ain't it chief.

  4. Steven S
    Steven S says:

    I think what they should do instead is make a phone that folds around ones wrist like a wide bracelet type thing that has a button on that rear that'll snap itself out straight once pressed for use – now that I'll buy!

  5. Hi
    Hi says:

    Steve Jobs in the 2000s: I’m ready to change the world… everyone is dissatisfied with their flip phones! I’ve worked for years, time to unleash the first mobile smart phone that doesn’t flip

    Steve Jobs 20 years Later in his coffin: Aw, what the fuck bill!

  6. Michael Urwin
    Michael Urwin says:

    I personally prefer the folding style of the Galaxy Fold over any other design so far. Having a functional screen when folded that can open into a much larger screen for different tasks. If the galaxy fold had a more full screen instead of the baby 4” one it has it would have been great. There is also the Surface Duo to consider but that is completely useless when closed.

  7. Jocelyn Pace
    Jocelyn Pace says:

    I’m just not sold on this whole folding phones thing. Maybe I’m just resistant to change, but it seems like the current form factor is optimal. Perhaps history will prove me wrong

  8. Pedro Thevenard
    Pedro Thevenard says:

    I'm not sold on foldable phones, but I'm excited for the future of technology and the attempts to evolve smartphones, until we have tech implanted on us, and no need for actual external devices.


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