Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review (Can it really replace your Laptop?)


A review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet and S Pen.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S4 back in August 2018 as a premium tablet with a feature called Samsung DeX. Allowing you to use this Android tablet with a PC like experience. Let’s find out if you can really replace your laptop with the Tab S4.

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Review model UK SKU:
SM-T830NZKABTU Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 £449 inc. VAT
EJ-FT830BBEGGB Samsung Book Cover Keyboard £129 inc. VAT

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet and S Pen Review
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23 replies
  1. Golden pen
    Golden pen says:

    four hours my ass. I played at most for one hour and it dies. The thing is made to be used only for half an hour or being constantly connected for use, just like an old laptop

  2. x Secretpaw
    x Secretpaw says:

    If you put the Keyboard on, the tab is restarting Auto. But if you put the Keyboard off, and want to take it as a tab, is it restarting automatically or do you need to restart it as a tab?

  3. Ric Donato
    Ric Donato says:

    Excellent demonstration. A complaint is the background music beginning at 5:15. Please, remember we came here expressly to hear you, understand your explanation, and learn from you. We do not come here to hear and fight the music. Background music adds zero to your video in fact is extremely distracting and annoying. Many folks have hearing problems, thus when your background music plays they have a major problem with your video.

  4. sacca email
    sacca email says:

    I klik your video because i wanted to know whether i can really replace my laptop with this s4.

    I use laptop mostly with microsoft office, browsing internet and youtube. But your video of 7 minutes and 52 seconds is garbage, it did not answer whether it can or can not replace the laptop.

    Also you failed to show the usefulness of s-pen for writing purpose as if the tablet is served as a notes-book.

    Therefore i klik thumb-down.


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