Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Best Android Tablet But Nothing More!


My review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Is this the best Android Tablet? I compare it to the iPad Pro and whether you can replace your laptop with it. Watch for the full review!

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  1. jared
    jared says:

    hey bro can u help me? , im looking for an app where i can write whit the keyboard cover of the tab s3 and when i want to draw something in the same app( simulating a notebook) use the s-pen, do u know some one? i currently using one-note and inkredible

  2. izoyt
    izoyt says:

    What so bad being just android tablet (it is actually plus)? _And what exactly does for ex. ipad pro do so much better in terms of regular use (watching videos, sending mail, writing notes etc)? it does have advantage only in apps, which are more or less contracted ta apple (morpholio, procreate etc), but than again, you can't do basic stuff just like connect regular usb dongle to transfer files etc. in terms of usability in really comes down to ios vs android and there's no brainer, android does more and doesn't lock you down to use expensive cloud superscriptions, buys stupidly priced gizmos etc. No matter how super duper ipad hardware is. Speaking also as ipad pro user.

  3. Abdulaziz Ghamdi
    Abdulaziz Ghamdi says:

    What i love about you is that you dont force yourself on you viewers by asking them (before you start the video) to subscribe and like and share and push notifications. And your content and reviews are awesome keep it up. Much love from Saudi Arabia 😘

  4. Cryoxity
    Cryoxity says:

    That one moment when you dont live in the US and you see the people in the comments crying that its 599$ but in your country its RM2999


  5. Pyramid Head
    Pyramid Head says:

    A true laptop replacement is the Surface Pro Series by Microsoft and I don't care about tablet optimized apps as what I use works just fine leave the real work for the desktop grade OS like Windows and Mac OS. Plus Android in my opinion is better than iOS and I'd pick a Samsung tablet over the crippled iPad or iPhone as I can make Android work my way and look how I want it to plus I can put an app icon any damn where I want to on my home screen.

  6. Jesse Brothers
    Jesse Brothers says:

    I think you'd rather have a Logitech bluetooth keyboard, they're cheaper and perform better than Samsung's case, and they have all the shortcut keys (home, back, recent, volume…etc)

  7. James Spectre
    James Spectre says:

    I’m sorry, I bought into buying one Samsung Tab S3. It’s crap. Software hangs constantly, need to hard reset the tablet almost every 3 days. Battery drains if you leave WiFi on in about 4 hours. Really bad tablet. I bought an iPad Pro as a replacement. Anyone want to buy my Samsung Tab S3?

  8. talkshowhost85
    talkshowhost85 says:

    I've always dreamed the day Android will make it easy to the very least, make it easy to connect any Android device to a projector/monitor. If you want to reach the masses who want a cheaper tablet for work/school, get this feature on as standard. Android doesn't care. Period.

  9. Doug Choz
    Doug Choz says:

    If you use a PC, you don't want Apple. It's just not compatible. I have an SP4 and the Tab S3 is ideal for travel (light weight) and couch/bed reading, watching videos and screen sharing. It even does business stuff. Is it 100% perfect? No, but 99% is OK by me. (Who signs a contract on a tablet???)

  10. Moncho lm
    Moncho lm says:

    what about OTG support? you can plug external hhd or SSD in the 3.1 USB type C with some HUB, even you can have several USB 3.0 usb, HDMI out and put cable mouse at the same time. English isn't my first language,

  11. Tandriadi Chandra
    Tandriadi Chandra says:

    Hi there. A very truth review from you and I know what to get now. I agree in every way that the tablet can do a lot of stuff. For sosmed or other apps require high resolution like the Netflix. It will do great works.


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