Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review: Best Android Tablet of 2015?


Over 2 months later. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is Samsung’s premium tablet aimed to take on the iPad Air 2. But is it worth the purchase?

Watch my review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and let me know what you think of Samsung’s latest tablet!

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  1. Brothers In Arms
    Brothers In Arms says:

    I have that exact one same size but the one I have is silver lol I'm using it to type all this right now and I'm absolutely loving it I did a video on mine my channel but I will warn you my voice does get a bit muffled in the video I do why

  2. Priyashantha De Silva
    Priyashantha De Silva says:

    Tnk u sir
    But wht ever u say , I got totally disappointed about the picture quality of the screen when I played 1080 hd & 4K video on the S2 tab. Pls mention tht also to people tht it does't giv real full hd picture quality. Tnk u.

  3. SherylannAnn Pughpugh
    SherylannAnn Pughpugh says:

    I Have not used the The Video Or Camera It,s not the worth the cost But The Samsung Galaxy Tab A Is a Nice compliment That is sightly $299.00 OfficeMax-Office-Depot so Get Both because the Ten Inch Tablet is WOW! Just what I need!

  4. SherylannAnn Pughpugh
    SherylannAnn Pughpugh says:

    The 32 Megapixels is The Bomb! Got it through T-Mobile wireless & that,s without even adding a micro s.d. card the memory alone I,m not surprised or shocked but I Know I,ll be using this for some videos to uploaded to social media

  5. Abdulai Bah
    Abdulai Bah says:

    Great tablet but with the widespread availability of phablets these days I can justify buying one especially at such a high price. In the reigning days of tablets though it certainly would have been a great buy.

  6. Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz says:

    I was recently able to snag the 2016 refresh of the Tab S2 for $199 new. The Tab S3 may be coming out in the near future, but seeing as how Samsung decided to update the S2 hardware beforehand, I decided to jump on the deal.

  7. Émilia Tokes
    Émilia Tokes says:

    😀 you're canadian 😀 <3 I saw that Tim mug – hehe 😀 superb review 😀 i odered mine last week but i like to watch related stuff to comfort me in my choice;

    personally i want to use it as a small typing laptop in the bus commute hours in the am and the pm, and a drawing tablet for when i am at work ; in that prospect i have been watching videos and it seems to fit the bill quite nicely

  8. Seth Gates
    Seth Gates says:

    After manyou years of IPad use I finally switched to Samsung and this one is my first. The one thing I love about Samsung is that this tablet feels like a REAL big-boy computer, where as the IPad now feels more like a toy to me. I have complete control of my files and storage, how my device looks and sounds.

  9. Dave Cappert
    Dave Cappert says:

    Nice tablet overall; closest thing yet to an ipad, but it still falls short. If the S2 ran pure Android, it would not only be better, but also be assured of security updates, something that Samsung seems to ignore.

  10. Daniel Cerros
    Daniel Cerros says:

    Are Android tablets worth it? In general, it seems like there's aren't so many third party apps being developed specifically for them. Maybe that'll change with Android N, though. I've had two high end Android tablets before and they both began slowing down after a couple of months of using, something I've never seen with iPads. I've got an Android phone but I'm seriously considering an iPad mini 4 over the S2 8.0, which one would be a better investment?

  11. FlorinU
    FlorinU says:

    I wish they would do away with the physical Home button and capacitive buttons – it's very difficult to hold the tablet without accidentally pressing one of those.


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