Samsung Galaxy SIII Impressions!


Boom! The GS3’s U.S. launch in NYC around the corner. I will be there!

This is my impressions with the International version. Thumbs up!

Outro track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5




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  1. KG V
    KG V says:

    I am using one of these currently… Mine is a Sapphire Black Verizon Model running KitKat 4.4.2! So not too outdated. However the battery started to die really quickly about a year ago (mid 2015)… so I have a battery case now. (Thanks Mophie.)

  2. Redrum 762
    Redrum 762 says:

    I've owned the Samsung galaxy s3 Sense it pretty much came out. I've never rooted My phone ever & I've just reserved the latest software update 4,0,3. & I loved the phone but now it's just old & out dated. Don't get me wrong the phone is still a decent phone. It keeps up with all my big games but ever since the 4.0.3. Update it sucks!! The only thing it did was change how the settings r arranged that's it!! All I ever wanted was to b able to turn on & off the data from the pull down bar & I thought when I got the update it would atleast give me that option but did it no of course not. Everyone else has that option in the videos from u tube I watch even the US version is there any way to get that option? & it took away the cool ways to view my gallery pictures. U will probably never read this but I thought I give it a shot. The best update was 4.1.0. I Can't Wait to get a phone upgrade 4 or 5 more months hopefully. Hit me back if u ever get this thankz.

  3. Petar Lazić
    Petar Lazić says:

    that is Ice cream sandwich transition.You probably have jelly bean so you have little different transition.If you want ICS transition then install Nova launcher and just set it in Nova settings


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