Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review


Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung’s new, even higher end flagship Android smartphone for 2020. The Ultra sits above the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ in price and in features like screen size and cameras. It has a 6.9” quad HD AMOLED HDR10+ display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor with 5G on low, mid and mmWave high bands and super fast charging. It has a 40MP selfie camera and triple rear cameras plus depth sensor. The star of the show is the 108MP main camera and 100X Space Zoom feature.
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    @13:22.. This is why lisa is a good reviewer most people dont mention this which causes some people to think they phone broke or something …Ive done this in the past and heard that noise but didnt know why now i know

  2. Last Hope
    Last Hope says:

    $1,399 …. I could buy a car and a new TV for that (granted cheap car, and a budget TV) the price tags on some of these phones are really starting to get extreme considering they are outdated in a year and a good bit more in 2.

  3. e21big
    e21big says:

    I hate the fact that Samsung removed most of the zooming camera from their none-flagship line. That's one of the features I missed the most from my point and shoot camera day. Don't get it at all why they think replacing it with a macro camera is a good idea but I guess that's just me

  4. Sammy Storm
    Sammy Storm says:

    Oh thanks… I actually thought something was wrong with my s10 as well I shaked it 2 weeks ago.. I thought something was wrong with it… good to know someone has explained it to me🤩🤩🤩

  5. Sylo bloc
    Sylo bloc says:

    I am using exynos S20 Ultra for a week now and I get 4.5 hours screen on time at 120 Hz and 5.5 hours on 60 Hz consistently. So yeah definitely NOT impressed with battery life lol.

    If your country is cursed with Exynos like mine then.. 🙃

  6. JimmyL121
    JimmyL121 says:

    Great review as always Lisa! I see someone has been filming at Shops at Watters Creek. 😀 Just got my S20 Ultra earlier today so looking forward to using after setting everything up.

  7. BalthazarTheGreat
    BalthazarTheGreat says:

    +MobileTechReview I find that strange the s20 ultra would use more power at 1440p 60Hz than 1080p 120hz. Since the lower resolution is only software not hardware locked ( 75% total resolution of 1440p at FHD+ ) the 120hz option would have to use more power since the GPU is pushing twice as many frames. I have asked around on Quora and nobody seems to have an actual answer. So I'm confused, my s20 ultra gets 9-10 hours of screen on time at 60% brightness with 1440p 60hz. But most people get about the same usage with 1080p 120hz.

  8. Toni Brooks
    Toni Brooks says:

    Lisa,, I've depended on your thorough, balanced, and unbiased reviews for years now and support your good work via Patreon (monthly). You pack a ton of what's needed into every video—once again, you answered all my questions. Whoa, this phone's $175 per ounce!🤣 So… I have no ?s re the amazing S20 Ultra; rather I want to shout out a big THANKS👌. Also, beautiful photography and artwork! PS: I, too, want some of your t-shirts. ☮

  9. LordAugastus
    LordAugastus says:

    Man, I wonder how they made the video have the phone float around and stuff. Wierd. New format, but her voice is still there even if most of ht evideo was just the wall backdrop……

  10. mister black
    mister black says:

    Nice to see the opinions of the camera setup being done by a person with obvious photography experience and knowledge of how a camera works . Thanks for the great review. Now lets see if this focus issue can be fixed or if it is indeed a hardware issue. The latter meaning were all screwed and hopefully samsung will rectify ,if even with a recall.

  11. Sam Santana
    Sam Santana says:

    Nah, still don't get it…. why carry around this tablet with you all the time just too get the extra zoom… Personally I carry a much, much smaller and lighter Pixel 3a which also gives me great quality photos and when I feel I need to zoom into something I pull out my little Sony HX90V which gives me OPTICAL 30x zoom. Both of these cost less than a third of the S20 Ultra, sure, they are two devices (albeit smaller and not that much heavier) but they do a far better job and I don't have to carry the extra weight or size when I go out to dinner, meetings, or dancing etc.

  12. sdushdiu
    sdushdiu says:

    Great review as always, but upwards of $1600 is totally absurd for what is basically a mediocre point & shoot camera – and after all is done, one must Still carry a laptop! Next!

  13. ColdChills01
    ColdChills01 says:

    😁Thank you for your awesome detailed review and cool shirt but I'm happy with my unlocked Note 9 512gb phone I bought 3 months ago brand new. The price is way too high and I don't give a ✋🏾🤬 what new feature Samsung has added to the unit and I'm a long term diehard Sammy user, defender & advocate! I'm accepting the cost increase from Intel or anyone else. Samsung can partner with someone else and reboot & relabal their exynos division. All companies must understand that us consumers can only get squeezed so much! We adapt to getting bruised then healing I repeat the cycle dealing with it. I refuse to continue that cycle because it's damaging in so many ways! Manufacturers are hearing consumers but they're reading the wrong forums. Back to Basics people… customers first.👍🏾😃


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