Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: 30 Days Later


What’s up everybody? My name is Jonathan Casey welcome to my channel! This is my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: 30 Days Later. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has amazing cameras which include a massive 108mp sensor, a 48mp telephoto, and a massive 64mp front facing camera. But, this is only the beginning since there is a lot more to the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G including a massive 5,000mah battery, huge 6.9″ display, 16gb of RAM, and more. It’s not all good though as there are several camera issues related to the Galaxy S20 Ultra not having dual pixel autofocus. In any case make sure to check out my other Galaxy S20 Ultra videos including tons of tips and tricks. If you want to see a dedicated Galaxy S20 Ultra camera review let me know. Also, what comparisons are you interested in? How about Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max? Or, how about Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Note 10 Plus? Let me know!

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26 replies
  1. SKDK
    SKDK says:

    I'll start buying Samsung phones when they start including quad dac headphone Jack's. That audio buff makes a big difference when you have quality headphones or audio systems to plug into. My car audio, home theater system, and guitar amp sound VERY different when I turn that on/off on my current phone.

    Im an audiophile so the only things I care about are music and battery life. The camera on the s20 U is nice and definitely better than my current phone but if I'm going to an event where I plan to take pictures, I have a Dslr for that.

  2. Sgt. Gunny
    Sgt. Gunny says:

    I've had mine for a week…and I'm loving it. Admittedly I've come from the s9. Having said that the s9 took good photos. To be honest there wasn't a huge difference between the two. Also…I like the camera hump. Its a talking point lol.

  3. William Hoffmann
    William Hoffmann says:

    I got mine about a week ago and I couldn't be happier! Camera issues have been almost non-existent, and pics and vids look amazing! Zoom up to 30x is also a huge win! Performance and battery are exceptional and that display is best in class. Great video!

  4. iamme isthename
    iamme isthename says:

    Got 2 patches and there's actually 1 more firmware rolling out in china that will end up all the miseries regarding withe camera issues. I love my Ultra, it's one hell of a Phone! After 2 updates, significant improvements were noticeable. Specially the auto focus. Can't wait for the 3rd update. It would definitely crush all other flagships that just got released.

  5. Wei-Chun Lee
    Wei-Chun Lee says:

    I see that you are using the Samsung leather case. Is that thinkcer than the camera bump? I bought the silicon one and that still has camera bump which doesn't seem that ideal from protecting aspect.

  6. robert haibi
    robert haibi says:

    Absolutely love my Ultra. Have to disagree though…..1440p over 120hz any day. The higher touch sensitivity more than makes up for it. Not being able to watch 4k videos on this phone is a sin.

  7. Stephen Devore
    Stephen Devore says:

    Nice and honest review.With all that is good about it.Clearly not ready for prime time.The price is crazy on a good day but with a promotion that was false witch makes the price point literaly pointless.With main buggy promo the price of that is not worth itt Only professionals could afford it and the most important promo is s joke even with the so called software fix. Now with lock down the money for most is not their so when those that get back on track will be looking for the next phone.Good Video😎

  8. B3H
    B3H says:

    Hey people!
    I have this small problem with my s20 ultra and thought this would be a good place to ask. I tried plugging in my Rode videomicro to the phone, But the phone wont recognize it.
    Is this a setting i need to change?

  9. steve kno
    steve kno says:

    Why do reviewers keep saying 16g of RAM then go say it's a $1400 phone? The 16g ram is a $1600 phone. Make this clear so people don't go buy the $1400 model thinking they are getting 16g of ram.


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