Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: All the Right Moves!


Galaxy S20 is arguably the most important new phone Samsung makes…
Judner’s Day in the Life with Galaxy S20:
dbrand Grip for Galaxy S20:

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  1. owen-bobby
    owen-bobby says:

    Marques, come on! That's the most basic thing in photography, you cannot zoom with your feet. It completely changes perspective. Take portrait photography for example – you don't shoot on 24mm and then walk to the persons face, but you choose 50mm or even 85mm for less distortion and more flattering look. The same goes for landscape. I know, you enjoy your wide angle lenses, but please don't hate on zoom lenses in phones, they are actually useful! 🙂 Otherwise great content as always.

  2. Dominik Oślizło
    Dominik Oślizło says:

    The thing is: I don't wanna have to choose between the high refresh rate and battery life. I don't want to have to make this extra decision, thinking what and how my day is gonna be today, how much I will be gaming today, and if nice and smooth internet scrolling is a good reason to compromise the juice. It's a 'no' from me for this single reason. A "still B+" is not enough for a flagship of such a top brand. It's the same scale of tradeoffs (for me) as deciding between an Android phone and an iPhone. If they add some adaptive mode then I'll be freed from making this decision. Now I'm not. It's not freedom, it's the opposite, it's putting you in charge, as a 'manager' responsible for your phone management every single day. I'll go for Xiaomi, I think, after the whole line of Sansungs (starting from S7, through S8, S9, Note 9 and now Note 10) for the exact same reason as I did with the iPhones (from the original one to iPhone 8): it does innovate but the added empowerment gets lower and lower over time, even though feature-wise it looks just 'wooow' at the first glance.

  3. Inigo van Dijk
    Inigo van Dijk says:

    People do care about the headphone jack. Just because Samsung removed it, doesn't mean "you guys" accept it. Samsung saw the enormous profits of the Apple Airpods and wanted a piece of the pie with their Samsung buds, that's it.

  4. bjurra
    bjurra says:

    It's pretty funny how things changes.. 2 years ago: No curved display, selfie camera cut out, the camera bump on the back oh no the phone is rockin on the table, no headphone jack wtf, and so on… Times are changing, or are we just getting used to it?

  5. Yunus Lasania
    Yunus Lasania says:

    I was about to exchange my S10 for an s20 but I left my galaxy buds case at home and couldn't charge my earbuds. So definitely keeping my S10, wherein the camera is pretty great


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