Samsung Galaxy S10E Impressions!


Hands-on with the Galaxy S10E, Samsung’s answer to iPhone XR!

Galaxy S10 Impressions:
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  1. AZmore
    AZmore says:

    i got mine now! and it is literally AWESOME! From what i have observe after days of using Galaxy S10e. It was very EFFICIENT in every aspect of daily usage. Maybe the meaning of lower case letter "e" is probably EFFICIENT.


  2. Awang Hafiz
    Awang Hafiz says:

    In Malaysia, the S10e is priced at 650 USD while the iPhone Xr is priced at 800 USD. Obviously people here would go for the S10e, as far as everyone I know of.

  3. Erik-Martijn
    Erik-Martijn says:

    Just wait few weeks and pick it up for 600 or even 500 on a contract. Great compact high-end phone, enjoying it every day. There is one thing though and that's the low-light distortion, a lot more than on my old S9. Strange thing is that when I select 'Motion Photo' the low-light picture is a lot better! Can anyone explain that? 🤔

  4. Hallyri Benjamin
    Hallyri Benjamin says:

    The video quality of this phone is amazing. Used the wide lens and the stabilization impressed me so much. Battery ain't so bad. Been using for over a month now and no problem encountered just yet.


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