Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus FULL REVIEW - Why I'm Switching! | The Tech Chap


The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (S10+) had a tough act to follow – the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been my daily driver for months. But is the S10 Plus a big upgrade, is it worth £900, and should we switch?
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30 replies
  1. The Tech Chap
    The Tech Chap says:

    UPDATE: I'm an idiot 😋 and forgot to mention the Pixel 3 does of course have a dedicated nightscape mode. Also, while the s10 technically has a night mode. You can't manually turn it on, it has tobe VERY dark, and tbh it doesn't make much difference.

  2. David Martrano
    David Martrano says:

    There's no question just how good the s10plus really is? The swiss army knife of all phones. It does everything very well. I luv mine & that display, by far the absolute best! All three models are a homerun. Next, the 5g & note10, wow-we!

  3. Fernando Henry
    Fernando Henry says:

    Great review, I’m looking to buy the S10+ also need a smart watch, does google have a smart watch if yes do a full review on it too….or probably you already have.

  4. Samuel J
    Samuel J says:

    I am waiting for Black Friday deals this year, whatever best of Samsung out then will be my choice. I am way overdue on my mobile phone upgrade, just hope it'll last until then.


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