Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Impressions!


Galaxy Note7 aka GS7E+ is here!

Galaxy S7 Edge Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus




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  1. Muhd Farid
    Muhd Farid says:

    The funny thing is, Samsung remains no. 1 largest mobile phone makers. Meaning it consumer is loyal to them. Doesn't matter about the explosion, just admit it and doing the best thing to avoid that in the future. Period.

  2. Just Awsome
    Just Awsome says:

    I am now using a Samsung galaxy s6 Edge+ and im not thinking of buying a bew Samsung…The s7 Edge had nearly the same design tho i find s6 Edge plus much much prettier…And now that the s8 is out i think i am the only one that finds the s8 ugly…(Its not ugly just i dont like it as much as others…).The Note 7 with his batterie explosions scared me a bit so i skipped it…I was thinking about the LG G6 (I am a huge fan of LGs phone designs) but there is always the LGs bootloop problem :¬|…Now i find the IPhone 7 Plus the most beautyful phone ever but its very expensive tho having outdated tech…Sooo Im still keeping my s6 Edge Plus…But still I think i will go with the IPhone s7 Plus or Im going to wait for the IPhone 8..?


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