Samsung Galaxy Fold Re-do: Everything New!


Galaxy Fold is back. Think of it as a 1.1 refresh.

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  1. Lynx
    Lynx says:

    The idea of folding phones will be widespread just like the iPhone's notch was, everyone hated those at first, then they make sense.

    Other companies will start making Folding phones and people are gonna buy a lot, here's why:

    1. A bigger display and easily fits in pockets. And also because of it's large display users can have more vivid experience while watching a movie or Netflix.
    2. A Large phone can hold a lot of hardware specs. Such as: A bigger battery, Big RAM, Big Storage and camera with Advanced features.
    3. Headphone jacks have been removed from many phone model these days because those phones have a lot of hardware to fit in. A large phone can do that favor bringing back that Headphone jack.

  2. Darren Joury
    Darren Joury says:

    I don't know if you said this just to get a rise out of us. You said "let just be real they copy apple alot but your glad they didn't copy apple on this"???? They don't copy apple on alot of things. Hence the foldable phone in your hand. Also its not a world of iterative phones it's mostly Samsung and apple being itterative apple more so. But the chinese brands are really changing things up.

  3. gamma8gear
    gamma8gear says:

    Yes im also glad they didn’t take the apple approach. I prefer phones exploding in peoples pockets before they are recalled. Watch the apple press video again and you will see they never said you are holding it wrong they just said all phones suffer the same issue.

    DACRACKING says:

    Really wanna buy this, but cant justify the price. Im someone who is fine with £180-£250 prices phone. Heck the highest ive ever payed is actually £180. So folking over 2k for a phone is kinda a no no. Yes its cutting edge tech, but still dont justifies the price. Maybe in 5 years time or something

  5. kheath580
    kheath580 says:

    youd think if they were going to redo this phone they would at least make the outside screen not look like it got ripped out of an old 80s car phone. its so ugly and cheap looking.


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