Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on: Bridging the gap between tablet and phone


Samsung’s long-awaited #GalaxyFold is finally here, and it folds down from a 7.3-inch tablet to a 4.6-inch phone. It’s one of the most eye-catching phones in years, and while there are tradeoffs as you’d expect from a first-generation product, we’re loving what we see.

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36 replies
  1. But We
    But We says:

    I wouldn't go near this thing! Too heavy, too thick, ok it folds but …. the screen is very weak, not waterproof and has a 70s front screen and a huge notch! = Fail

  2. Yazan Sakran
    Yazan Sakran says:

    They made the front screen small because, the phone would've eclipsed the 2 grand mark. They are selling the fold as a loss bc that hinge is ludicrously expensive to make. It does have the benefit of making the fold 2 easier to update: a bigger front screen.


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