Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds | Real Call Quality Test!


Here are the samsung galaxy buds that will be available in march.

Specs 1:59
Unboxing 3:18
Case 6:15
Fit 8:02
Battery Life 9:47
Application 11:20
Earbud Comparison 8:38
Call Quality Test 17:16
Charging 18:19

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27 replies
  1. Sam Saludsong
    Sam Saludsong says:

    If I use the buds in its full functionality lets say with the ambient sound turned on will it affect the 6hr battery life?will it decrease the batt life? Thanks. Great review btw.

  2. Gino
    Gino says:

    Is it me or is my pair great? I've gotten no issues with call quality. I've called at least 8 people and they've said on a scale of 1-10 it's an 8.

  3. StoryDayTrades
    StoryDayTrades says:

    Good in depth review I learned a lot, but the call quality was very muffled I didn’t hear anything but you’re in the coffee shop lol hopefully it’s just your cellular service and not the buds themselves. But great review keep up the good work new subscriber here.

  4. Brad
    Brad says:

    What is the BT codec capabilities with non Samsung phones? I've read one place it's LDAC and another it's AAC but not AptX.. anyone have any idea?

  5. Zyler
    Zyler says:

    what's weird is that my call quality seems pretty good, they can hear me really well and it sounds pretty much like my phone mic's quality according to a few people I tested it on, HOWEVER, now they can hear everything around me quite often. Even able to hear someone laugh half way across the house. Is there any way to reduce the amount of noise that they hear?

  6. jimmil67
    jimmil67 says:

    I had them for three days now, and the callquality is terrible. It has to be absolutley quiet around you for the person you are talking to be able to here what you saying. DO NOT BY GALAXY BUDS if you giong to use them for talking, only good for listening.

  7. faraz bs
    faraz bs says:

    Can the buds be used 6 hrs each??
    What I mean is if I use only the left one for 6 hrs or till it dies, can I just put that back in the case n use the right one for 6 hrs or till it dies. I have just purchased the Huawei freebuds 2 pro from Aliexpress and its running great, the only issue I am facing is that I am using a galaxy s10+ with the freebuds and I am not an having app for it on the playstore, i did download an apk file from Google and it is a translated one from the Chinese version. I am facing continuous cut offs in between calls n audio playback. Would be great if you could help. Thanks in advance…@EBPMAN Tech Reviews.

  8. Jose Maciel
    Jose Maciel says:

    I returned mine because i thought they were defective, they coudent understand me and they all said that ir sounded like i was really close to the mic.. i just ordered another ones now from, but now im seen thats how they are smh, im samsung all the way. All my electronics are samsung watch,tv,phone.. Hopefully they fix the issue because it sounds badd


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