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Check-a-look at this AWESOME! curvy HDR gaming monitor from Samsung!

This is a paid review made as a part of the #SamsungInfluencer program on behalf of Samsung Canada. A CHG70 monitor and 960 EVO SSD was provided by Samsung for the purpose of this review.

Check out more info on the CHG70 HERE:



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  1. Kitsuku Ryuu
    Kitsuku Ryuu says:

    x3 Samsung does make great monitors, sadly this review came to late as I bought a new setup a month ago. But yeah more people should sponsor you as your style is so raw and feels honest and I'm totally interested on your opinions especially knowing your background and how you research things.

  2. tucci06
    tucci06 says:

    Hey man, you probably won't see this in time but right now Bethesda is teasing something Fallout on Twitch. It has 125k viewers currently and only says "Please Standby" with a Vault Boy bobblehead. I've recently been working my way through Fallout 4 and your playthrough at the same time so I'm hyped, haha. I'm also from the Boston area so it's a trip!

  3. dracorotor
    dracorotor says:

    Thank you for being so transparent about the review being sponsored by Samsung. That's refreshing.

    Also, I am a little worried that by joining your Patreon I gave you access to my brain, because I was thinking about buying a monitor for the first time in 8 years less than 12 hours before this video went up.


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