Rooting & Jailbreaking: Explained!


What is rooting? How do you root your phone? It’s all here!

All about rooting:

The SuperNexus Project:

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Galaxy S3 wallpaper:

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  1. russell inabush
    russell inabush says:

    When buying a phone that is "refurbished", does this mean it has been rooted?
    My phone software would not update, saying it was not original software. The guy at samsung service shop said once is done it can never go back to orig. software, because there is something like fuse that blows. Is this true? Or is it simply a rooting that can be unrooted?
    Im trying not to laugh as i write this. I didnt root my phone . . honest, im not that desperate..

  2. ravin limbu
    ravin limbu says:

    I want to downgrade my google play services below its factory version. So here's my plan: First, I'll root my phone. Then I'll unistall play services and install a lower version of play services which I have already downloaded. Then I'll unroot my phone again.
    I want to ask that is there any chance that my phone will go brick?

  3. don
    don says:

    Rooting and unrooting isn't as easy and he is making it out to be. 1 small mistake and you can softbrick the device, leading to another 2-3hrs of research and downloading to flash original firmware again. Also not all phones have warranty voided after root anymore (2012 video). Pixel phones are one of the few who aren't.

  4. Marcus Mravik
    Marcus Mravik says:

    Btw… it only voids your warranty to Jailbreak or Root your phone or tablet if you walk into the store with it jailbroken or rooted… I've often erased my phone before taking it in for problems that I knew were happening because of either hardware or iOS itself.

  5. No Brain
    No Brain says:

    Ok how do we fix once they are shit? Because now I get no banks or credit cards apps to work 🙁 and just sold this to me as brand new never used? So that to be Hillsborough right?


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