Roland Wireless Connect & iPad App Feature Review


Adrian Marsi discusses the Wireless capabilities of the Roland WNA1100-RL USB adapter, which enables the Jupiter 80 and other Roland products to connect to your iPad and more!

Roland WNA1100-RL USB adapter:

Roland Jupiter 80:



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  1. Easter Islanders
    Easter Islanders says:

    Latest addition: Last night I turn off piano and iPad then I connect a 1 foot extend cable for USB HUB 1.0 (old) with 4 ports to F-130R and then plug 1 of Wifi adapter either Roland/Onkyo or the Netgear which I had. Turn on F-130R and wait for 1 minute, press Menotrome n Split at same time, use – or + buttons to get to F-16 then press Play/Stop button that will show word "Sur" in red digi display, press Play/Stop and gain to exit F-16 that now you have to wait for a machine to initiate whatever it is doing then the display will re-show "1" like at the begining as the piano is turned on, now press Menotrome n Split at same time, use – or + buttons to get to F-17 then press Play/Stop button that will show number 205. Goto iPad turn iPad on (Mine is iPad-2/iOS 8), iPad should be turn off before as I state above, now goto iPad setting and in Wifi you will see it detects "Roland F-130R" then seclect/touch that and put in the number 00205 then goto Roland Piano Partner App to run it, you now will see the full piano partner is running. Thats all of what I learn to figure it out. Thanks for reading hope that can help

  2. pawelsokolowski
    pawelsokolowski says:

    I have just bought the WNA1100-RL USB adapter for my FP-50 Roland digital piano, and what a suprise, I cannot do anything with it accept playing music from my iphone through it. Rather expensive amplifier with poor speakers, that's what I got.
    Roland did a bad prank puting this USB functionality to the device that cannot be used with it accept conencting to it.


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