Rhinoshield Impact Skin Review - 5X Impact Absorption? (WUT?)


I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like phones with glass backs. I miss the aluminum cased iPhones BUT the frosted glass on the back of the newest iPhone 11’s are a bit better than the glossy backs of the X and XS’s.

BUT it’s still glass. Glass breaks AND it has an unhealthy love for body grease. So how can you protect it?

You cover it. With a case. Or a skin.

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NOW this video is being released during American Thanksgiving and Rhinoshield has let me know that the code and their holiday savings will stack!

And if you’re going to get a skin, you should check out Rhinoshield’s newest product, the Impact Skin. In the next few minutes we’re going to cover the pros and cons of the Impact Skin, see how tough it is and compare it against dBrand’s skins.

Now the Impact skin is made from dual casted vinyl which from my simple understanding is that the product is baked rather than rolled like calendared vinyl. The baking method apparently results in a stronger material that can be thinner and will last longer.

Installation of the product is quite simple as all you have to do is make sure the back of your device is clean, peel the middle of the adhesive cover off, line up the holes, press down on the middle and do the same with the remainder of the skin.

Now the pro’s are easy to spot. It protects the back of the iPhone and adds a bit of texture to a relatively slippery device.

Now the most obvious downside of this skin is that it only covers the back of the iPhone. Now I’m sure this was never intended to be used as a standalone product BUT some people have. The Impact Skin is really meant to be used in conjunction with the Crashguard NX or MOD NX bumpers. This basically adds another layer of customization to your iPhone. If you need a full review on Rhinoshield’s cases, check that video out. Rhinoshield’s cases sit at #2 on our Top 10 iPhone 11 case list as well.

Now there is a bit of fluff when it comes to the Impact Shields marketing. Rhinoshield says that the Impact shield is going to offer scratch resistance from everyday objects like keys and coins. Which sounds great but keys and coins won’t do much to the glass back of the iPhone’s anyways. The glass on your iPhone is going to be most worried about micro-abrasions. The Impact Skin itself isn’t terribly scratch resistant so it will show wear and tear.

Now all of that is nice BUT the biggest question we want answered is probably: Is it as tough as Rhinoshield says it is?

In order to test it, we used another box of super cheap screen protectors from Amazon. This set of screen protectors was different than the box used in our Tough iPhone screen protectors and or Pela Canopy reviews even though they came from the same seller.

In my 200g steel ball testing unit, the stock screen protector broke at a height of 48cm. This is below average glass and puts it in the same range as your ESR and JeTechs products. The last set we used was actually closer in terms of quality to Rhinoshields 9H Tempered glass so who really knows when it comes to this glass.

On the second sheet of glass, we placed a dBrand skin on it and did the same test. The dBrand product only provided a tiny bit of extra protection as the screen protector broke between 48 to 53 cm which was surprising to me. I thought it would provide a significant amount of extra protection but it did not. In fact, the product seem to split quite easily.

On the last sheet of glass, we placed the Impact Skin and did the same drop test. It took us an extra 10 minutes to reach the breaking height. We were dropping Bertha from heights that we’d need dropped Bertha from.

The Impact Skin failed to protect the screen protector around 138cm which is the highest height I’ve dropped Bertha from in my test unit.

That was cool to do. Now was it 5x the energy absorption? I have no idea but the extra protection is quite measurable. BUT it looks pretty rough. Unlike the dBrand product that stays on, the Impact Skin for whatever reason bubbles.

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  1. destrik
    destrik says:

    Hey mobilereviews, is it possible to use the lenses and adapter from the iPhone XS for the 11 pro? I’m looking at there Black Friday sale now but there’s no options for 11 pro yet, are u able to see if it fits / works?

  2. Elton Joe
    Elton Joe says:

    Just bought one! Make sure you enter mobilereviewseh in the discount code or you won't get the discount! Only following the link does not give you the discount automatically!


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