Reviewed: iFrogz Earpollution D33 Noise Isolating Earbuds [HD]



Here is my final review video and final impressions of the iFrogz Earpollution D33’s. They’re budget noise cancelling earbuds from iFrogz, and come in a variety of colors. The sound? Crisp. Clean. Clear. But it’s lacking just a tiny bit of base.

Blurb from their site:

Earpollution D33 earbuds are not only noise isolating headphones, but also offer a snug secure fit and rich deep sound. Each package includes 3 ear fits and a convenient travel case. The metallic colors and PVC Radioactive patch are stylish and easily recognized as part of the ifrogz family.

This paragraph describest the headphones perfectly. The fit was perfect, the travel case is convenient, and the metallic colorst are unique and special.

Here’s the link:

Overall rating: 8.5/10 – thanks a ton to the kind folks at iFrogz for sending this out to me. 8)




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  1. Gunner Aumiller
    Gunner Aumiller says:

    @DrSkipp3r If you think these are great, try some shure earbuds. i forget the model but they have seperate drivers for better soundstage, if you will. If you can't afford those, get some klipsch image S4's


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