Reviewed: Alto-Edge GN3 Desktop Microphone [HD]



Here’s the full review video fo the SoundTech GN3 Desktop Microphone from Alto-Edge. The microphone is most impressive because of the fact that it’s quality is beautiful! So getting quality power, stereo sound, and bass is definitely a strong point of this microphone.

This review video will be posted as a video response to the unboxing video (as always) so you guys can see exactly what came in the box.

The mic is phantom powered, and has 2 pivot points for easy customization for your setup. I reccomend this microphone for PC recording software, voice recognition software, internet chatting (VOIP or Skype) and other applications along those lines.

The neck is a 16-inch, made of rubber, with 2 pivot points. It is noise cancelling! It comes with a 10-foot stereo 3.5mm plug that plugs into any laptop or desktop’s microphone port. The non-skid base is actually weighted, and made of metal, and has a nun-skid rubber bottom to prevent it from sliding.

Power supply: Phantom Power 3V DV

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  1. em7dim9
    em7dim9 says:

    That's an XLR jack on the back of the base, meaning the mic is mono, not stereo. The cable itself is an XLR-to-3.5mm adapter, which means that if the 3.5mm plug is stereo, then it will either have the same mono signal on both sides, or only have sound on one side.

  2. noskool319
    noskool319 says:

    hey nice review man. this mic look pretty impressive.

    does it just plug into the normal usb or audio hookup in the back of your pc?

    also, do you need a soundcard for this, or would onboard work good as well?

  3. Tech Examined
    Tech Examined says:

    Wow… that is one hell of a microphone… Great job on the coverage.. under 100.00?? Even better.. I am looking to get something with better quality for my videos. Good job man!!

  4. chinner2003
    chinner2003 says:

    Awesome review! FYI this mic is used a lot when it comes to legal proceedings, professional forum discussions, etc. A USB mic is also available from AltoEdge which is the same build but a different connection to your PC.


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