Review! The Klipsch Three II Wireless Speaker!


If only convenience would always look and sound this good.

Intro music by: Wai – ‘Fill in the Blanks’
Outro music by: Mondays (featuring Hanna Stone) – ‘Pandemonium’

The Klipsch Three II Portable Wireless Speaker product page:



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  1. Jas S
    Jas S says:

    Good video as usual. You need to make one of your different t-shirts as well 😊. Some interesting ones I’ve noticed over the years. Where do you get them?

  2. Rizal Ahmad
    Rizal Ahmad says:

    Another good review Sean. Now you convinced me on buying this type of speaker for background music, which is, 80% of the time, the way we listen to music.

    And yeah, your reviews would benefit from a gimbal 😁✌🏼

  3. 59seank
    59seank says:

    Sean, thanks for the music at the end. It sounded pretty good. I know I can't judge how it would sound in my room just by listening to it over YouTube, but I do find the sound clips entertaining.

  4. Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones says:

    Great review as always! I tried 2 of the Klispch The One, and had to send both back to Crutchfield due to faulty electronics, one of them the battery would not charge (1st version of The One had chargeable battery) 2nd one would not retain Bluetooth connection. Even drove to a Magnolia and was gonna buy The Three and demo unit was stuck at full blast volume and couldn’t turn it down, at all, asked clerk and he had stated they had a few returned with the exact same issue, threw in the towel and bought a HomePod for background music. I don’t have faith in Klispch active speakers, seen multitude of problems on forums with plate amps failing in their subs, I too have the R-15 PM Klispch and while they sound ok, there’s quite a bit of hiss at idle when up close so I don’t use them in near field.

  5. Merle Crandall
    Merle Crandall says:

    Good review. I'm thinking it would make good gift for my daughter . The cd next to the unit at the start of the video is Angus & Julis Stone . I really enjoy it and I find solid from start to finish . Shawn I think you should change the hat up and wear cowboy hat . 😊

  6. Mario Supa
    Mario Supa says:

    Nice review Sean, I haven't heard the Klipsch 3 but I've been rocking out with my Woburn & Woburn 2 for some time. Great speakers for hanging out in the yard or background music listening when not being serious as I did today while practicing good social distance with my neighbors and enjoying the spring weather. Now how bout a more high end product review like a flagship amp or preamp from Hegel, McIntosh, Pass Labs etc? Just a suggestion.

  7. FRL2000
    FRL2000 says:

    My wife gave me one of these for Xmas. I use it for mostly late night listening in the bedroom off phone bluetooth. SQ is not great, but it connects/works seamlessly in that role. It also looks good on the shelf!

  8. ShellstaX
    ShellstaX says:

    1:12 – You can NOT 'directly' connect this to your home network – it's a Bluetooth tether … So compressed/restricted bandwidths (still OK / pretty good) and a 10m/30ft range … (or there's the Google Assitant model … or you could connect a Streamer/Gate device … or a USB wired PC/Pi/etc).
    Good for it's comparatively positioned products / usage.


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