Review: Professional Retouching Using iPad Pro and Astropad


In this video, we’re going to explore and review the option of editing photos in Adobe Photoshop using our iPad Pro along with Astropad Studio and see how it stacks up against a Wacom Intuos or Cintiq

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    ELLIOT STERN says:

    I have tried all the variables. I shut off night shift and true tone on my Ipad Pro 10.5 and 2012 Macbook Pro retina and cannot not get colors to match even close. For a photographer (using capture one) who is tethering and wants the Ipad near the camera in the studio I cannot depend on the colors being accurate on the Ipad Pro. Right now I consider it a terrible investment. I bought this a couple of days ago and for 75.00 bucks annual subscription it is not worth the money.

  2. Allen Mueller
    Allen Mueller says:

    I've been watching Astropad for a couple of years – since they introduced their first app. Today I got a chance to borrow a friend's iPad and pencil. So, I tested Astropad Studio on my 5-year old MBP with first gen iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. After about an hour of interface and workflow adjustments, I was drawing, cutting nice clipping paths and making fine adjustments to beauty photography on a level that far exceeded any standard tablet interface or KBM interface I've used over the years. Even on old equipment, it's virtually lag-free, and I'm sure it will be even smoother on current gen. I'm in love. Ordering a new iPad and MBP this week so I can go all in on this setup.

    The comments on Astropad-related videos are always terrible, it seems. Paradigm shifts are helpful:
    1. Letting the more powerful machine handle the major processing while working on the iPad as the interface, is the point.
    2. Using a multi-tool like the iPad and Apple Pencil VS dedicated, non-portable friendly tools (that offer minor or zero advantage) like Cintiqu or Intuos whatever – is a huge advantage, and makes more sense.
    3. It's not just for drawing. (which is why I like this video)
    4. Problems with the price of Astropad Studio? This is powerful software that required a lot of dedicated work over a long period of time to create and refine. They haven't sold their intellectual property yet, so it's completely proprietary. They deserve to get paid for the work they did. If you can't pay for it, then maybe you shouldn't get paid for the work you're doing?

  3. Vann Apragal
    Vann Apragal says:

    Is this Ipad the new Ipad or older Ipad Pro? I have been using the 12.9" but on different software with no color cast. But lag is a huge problem in that software. And no way we can use full res medium format images.

  4. Vincent Martin
    Vincent Martin says:

    I don't understand why Apple sold the iPad pro as a "professional creative tool" and then completely ignored any sort of workflow integration with their other products. I'm not interested in paying some 3rd party dev for a workaround solftware to accomplish something that should already be possible with the base product.

  5. Anthony Dawson
    Anthony Dawson says:

    Glad you’re back, would love more videos, even as an experienced retoucher I always learn something. I have an iPad Pro but only use Procreate on it (which I think is fantastic) for doing scamps, illustrations and typography, not sure I could justify the subscription fee for AstroPad. Shame they put such a premium price on it. The ability to use the full Photoshop application is something I’ve always wanted, if they halved the price then I’d definitely get it.


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