Review: Paperlike - Apple Pencil an iPad Pro Accessory


Let’s take a look at Paperlike a screen protector for the iPad that makes it feel like you are writing on paper with your Apple Pencil

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  1. Jørn Mortensen
    Jørn Mortensen says:

    Hi Chris, yes it can feel different to write with the pencil on the iPad and it has a kind of a learningcurve. And I agree with you its not hte same as paper, so it would be nice to try out that Paperlike product. Thanks for some awesome videos. #UntitledSiteGiveaway. Hope Im not too late 😉

  2. Gus san
    Gus san says:

    One problem I’m having in the classroom is that loud clicking sound when the Apple Pencil hits the glass when ur writing on the iPad. Will this reduce the noise of that clicking sound? I’m the only person in my class that uses an iPad to take notes & it gets awkward when it gets quiet & a little annoying when everyone can hear the sound of me taking notes lol

  3. Darren Albertson
    Darren Albertson says:

    I have used cheaper matte screen protectors like Tech Armor, Paperlike, and even the premium Geevon brand, and while they do make a considerable difference, ppl need to stop making the claims that it makes writing/drawing on the iPad just like writing on paper… it does not. It does create extra friction and give better control, but is not like writing on paper.

  4. Jan Sapper
    Jan Sapper says:

    Thanks for the awesome video! I’m curious how your iPad-only experiment goes! I know I wouldn’t be able to run PaperLike on an iPad though. It lacks some unsexy pro-Apps. 🧐

  5. snowpony001
    snowpony001 says:

    Thanks for a really good review. Yours is the first review on this product that I’ve watched (and I’ve watched a number of them) that addresses how this screen protector affects visual screen quality. That was one question I had since I use my iPad Pro for photos and video too. But I also don’t care for the feel of writing on glass with the Apple Pencil so this sounds like a good solution.
    Sure wish that I could enter the drawing but I don’t have a Twitter account. Wish you did the drawing using YouTube comments instead of Twitter so that really sucks. ☹️

  6. Rknee Gordon
    Rknee Gordon says:

    I agree, 100%. If you are using an iPad with a Apple pencil and love to write, this is the way to go. I mean so many people get screen protectors for their phone, why not use the same care for you iPad?
    Keep up the great videos Chris.

  7. DB
    DB says:

    I bought a fairly inexpensive matte screen protector for my 9.7 Pro about a year ago when I bought it. It’s so great for writing! Just adds a little more grip and also reduces the tapping sound. Is this product any different do you know?

  8. Perlonia
    Perlonia says:

    Artist and tech geek here. I love Procreate but I really miss the paper tooth feel when using my iPad. I’m thinking this will definitely make it more satisfying to use with this screen protector. Thanks for all the great content.


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