REVIEW of HYPERDRIVE usb-c Hub for iPad Pro 2018 after 2 weeks usage


OK guys, here is my review of the Hyperdrive USB-C hub for the iPad Pro 2018 after using it for about 2 weeks. Do we have a problem in our hands with this device?

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Shot using Sony RX100 iv S log 2 (pp7)

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  1. Von Harris
    Von Harris says:

    this hub sucks.. I've been using it almost 2 months now.. I find myself consistently having issues with my Lacie hard drives and they only connect after multiple attempts

  2. Ken Lii
    Ken Lii says:

    I received the Hyperdrive USB C for iPad Pro today but seems only the 3.5mm AJ and USB C charging (slower then direct adapter charging) works.
    I don't know how to make mSD/SD card readable. I tried plug USB A direct to my Hardisc but same no files is read into my iPad Pro. Do you know how to overcome this problem I'm facing?
    My Hyperdrive fits the iPad Pro although the hub colour scheme actually a little bit off towards a lighter tan than the iPad Pro back space grey colour which doesn't seem to look as advertised in the websites they showed but rather claims similar colour to space grey of the iPad Pro. If I can makes all the ports to read files I guess I will have no complaints and can live with the space grey colour differences between the hub and iPad

  3. Josef Khalifeh
    Josef Khalifeh says:

    Thanks for the update and testing the features. Im still waiting for mine. A little worried but still hopeful. I think a lot of the troubles people are having with importing data are limitations from iOS.


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