Review: Boogie Board Paperless Writing LCD Tablet


Full review: GadgetMadness reviews the Boogie Board paperless writing, drawing, and sketch LCD tablet.



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  1. William Baranowski
    William Baranowski says:

    One could place it on a flat bed scanner and save the note, or, you can take a picture of the note with a smart phone, tablet or digital camera and then, bingo, send the note to Evernote. So, there.

  2. n33oh
    n33oh says:

    Non-replaceable battery means that this thing is destined to become e-junk in the land fill when the battery dies.

    The battery is rating for 50,000 wipes, but we all know that manufacturers exaggerate these claims.

    Some reviews on Amazon report the battery dying after 8 hrs.

    Remember, these things sit on warehouse shelves for months before they're shipped out. Which is not a concern for gadgets with replaceable batteries.

  3. Salassion
    Salassion says:

    I like it, but I use so many temporary notes at home/work it isn't funny. I would have preferred the ability to change the battery and I don't like that it is no where near as bright as it advertises. I was irritated at having paid 35$ for it at first (yes it's cheaper at Staples) but after using it today I find it worth that cost.


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