Review Bissell Adapt Ion Pet Model 2286A Cordless Stick Vacuum


About $100. Handy but fairly low build quality. Great for hard floors, tile, low pile rug. Hand unit cannot be charged directly but must be in stick vacuum to charge.

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  1. Maureen Bleackley
    Maureen Bleackley says:

    This is the best demonstration I have seen so far. I am the vacuum cleaner killer and I am being very careful with this one I want to make sure I'm using it the right way. Thank you for this video.

  2. Homestead Housewife
    Homestead Housewife says:

    Very well done and thorough review!! I just bought one of these at Target, then I decided to look for a review while the battery charges!! 🙂 It's basically a Dust Buster- like my Granny used to have, but with a brush roller and long handle. Those had a charging base also. Hoping that it will get all of the little crumbs that my kids seem to drop on our hard wood floors! I am SO tired of sweeping and not even getting everything up :-0


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