Review: Astropad Drawing App: Turn Your iPad into a Cintiq


Update: Wacom Creative Stylus 2 works with this app
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  1. Soggycereal
    Soggycereal says:

    when I download it on my compuer or ipad first, how will I be able to not download it with money again on the computer/ipad? or do you have to download both versions with money?

  2. tinktwiceman
    tinktwiceman says:

    @Teoh Yi Chie Great review. Would I be able to leave my laptop connected to my WiFi at home, and be able to access with my IPad away from home on a different WiFi network? Thank you so much.

  3. Ashie Cats
    Ashie Cats says:

    Thank you for this video. Question: is it possible to use the app without wifi/usb? For example, when I'm not at home, can I "doodle" in Astropad and send it later, when I'm at home, to the iMac? Or is it necessary to have the iMac around because my Photoshop CS6 is at the iMac. I guess the file can be saved as a psd? Greeting from The Netherlands.

  4. Waveire
    Waveire says:

    my mom spent $40 on this.And I have a mac 10.6.8 and i was so happy.I download it.And i pressed on the button and it says you have version 10.6.0 you need 10.9 and up to make it work.I got so mad now i need to safe my money and pay back my mom and buy a new computer!!!

  5. Kuvari
    Kuvari says:

    Would this app allow me to use my custom photoshop brushes? And can you open other photoshop documents and work on them as well? Or do you have to start from scratch each time? Thanks for the video!

  6. NoVision Media
    NoVision Media says:

    Will I suffer a lot of lag with my iPad 3 since it has an outdated connector and not as fast as the lightning cable. Would you recommend that I try to upgrade to an iPad Air for better performance? Just curious because I am planning on making the investment of getting Astropad and purchasing the Creative Stylus 2. I want to get back into my drawing again and get more serious into my digital art besides logo design.

  7. Teoh Yi Chie
    Teoh Yi Chie says:

    @Adrian Vincent
    If you already have a Wacom tablet, then you should use that as you will get no lag, and their pressure sensitivity will be way better than any iPad stylus can provide, and the Wacom pen's thin point nib is more accurate that bulbous iPad stylus nibs. 

  8. Adrian Vincent
    Adrian Vincent says:

    ok, i get the using apps on iPad, what is it like using it as a normal wacom tablet? not cintiq, to map what I'm doing on big screen, which is something i do all the time on wacom tablet and don't use mouse. i hear this is better than Air Stylus, but which stylus is the best for using with this Astro? the wacom creative stylus 2 has mixed reviews. i'd like to see a test of this doing what I'm after with a few different stylus makes. just bought a new wacom intros pro, would hate to buy another stylus to use with this app only to be disappointed, or just keep the wacom tablet :/

  9. NamelessDemigod
    NamelessDemigod says:

    Hey thank you for this comprehensive review. I am definately going to try this out for photo editing. I just wonder how would it be to use adjustment layers etc kind of stuff with this. Cheers.

  10. Matt Ronge
    Matt Ronge says:

    Hi! I'm one of the creators of Astropad.

    Thanks for this incredible, comprehensive review! We are looking into the CS5 bug you mentioned. It seems to be specific to that version of Photoshop.


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