Vox Media Studios and YouTube Originals present Retro Tech, a six-episode documentary series hosted by YouTube tech guru Marques Brownlee. The series follows Marques as he uncovers how iconic technology of the past came to life and shaped history. In each episode, Marques meets with fellow YouTube creators, experts, and celebrity guests, to explore the impact each piece of vintage tech has had on our culture and why these pieces remain so revolutionary.

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40 replies
  1. Rowen Moodley
    Rowen Moodley says:

    Do you realise that you gona hit that 10 mil sub like before this episode airs…will be looking forward to seeing that 10 mil video with your NAME REVEAL! Keep up the GREAT work Marques

  2. Shovelware
    Shovelware says:

    People are dying cause of starvation. And what do people do? They rather pay for this crap then pay for a plate of food for the poor.
    Shame of yourselves people. Mostly of you are white since the majority of colored people isn't stupid paying for shit.

  3. 213
    213 says:

    Right now, my favorite phones ever are my Pixel 3 and Essential Phone. The ones I'm charging at this moment. That could change again if I get a Motorola Razr and Microsoft Surface Duo.

  4. 213
    213 says:

    I'm trying to think about a device I still use after 10 years? There are none. My oldest phone is a Xiaomi Mi 3 from 2014 and I rarely use it. It still works pretty well for its age.

    My LG G5 is over 2-years-old. I can see myself using that after maybe 5 years because it does have a removable battery and headphone jack but the batteries would still be degraded.

    I already replaced the yellow OEM for Chinese 3200 mAh and they still don't last as long as my Pixel 3 and Essential Phone. I don't like sealed batteries but they tend to last long from my own personal experience.

    If there is one device I could still be using after 10 years, it would be my MacBook Air I got in 2016. The last to have USB-A, MagSafe, SD card slot, and glowing Apple logo. I rarely use it unless to download stuff.

    Like people, all tech gets old and die. I don't even keep cars for more than 5 years. My favorite gadgets will always be the latest because it's newer and more capable. I don't let nostalgia blind me.


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