RELAXING REVIEWS | Retro THICC: Ajazz AK510 Full-Size RGB Mechanical Keyboard ASMR Review


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Special thanks to Banggood for providing the product sample for this review!

Today on Relaxing Reviews I check out the Ajazz AK510 retro mechanical keyboard! This chunky full-size plank sports awesome retro aesthetics and uncommon SA profile keycaps, while still including modern features like full RGB backlighting and side-lighting. Priced at $75, can this throwback board compete with slick modern hardware, or is this aesthetic best left in the ’80s? Let’s find out!

ASMR triggers include soft speaking, ear-to-ear tapping, unboxing sounds, typing, and clicking sounds. Listen with headphones for the best experience!

To download the Ajazz AK510 software: go to and click where it says “驱动下载” , then click the link that says “点击我下载驱动哦!”, it should download a .rar file with the software. The file name is all in Chinese, but the installer is available in English, as is the software itself. Good luck!

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  1. Joe Hrdina
    Joe Hrdina says:

    Thanks for another review! Just some observations…The side lamps just seem like extra labor for little aesthetic gain (how'd the right side pass QC?). They could have carried over the pattern from the back and made some sort of grill or vent look. The media keys also throw off the retro appearance.

  2. Gabor Kerek
    Gabor Kerek says:

    This is a very good looking retro keyboard. I'm planning to build a pc later this year and I am strongly considering this board after watching this review.

    For the video part: great as usual! Gave me tons of tingles.

  3. ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy says:

    Hey guys sorry Im late. Finally watched the video and tbh. Not my kinda keyboard. I use my desktop a lot during the night so I need a nice quiet keyboard. Otherwise I wake my family. I think itd be fine for everyday PC use. Just not for me:) Id reccomend it as my bestfriend has keyboards galore in his home. So I tried it out it looks good and it's real nice in terms of use. So Id reccomend it for every day use. That's my thought on this one. Loved the video and asmr:) Tysm for the amazing vid Nick:)


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