Relaxing Reviews | Mo' Spacebar, Mo' Problems? GK66 Split Spacebar Mechanical Keyboard ASMR Review


GK66 Bluetooth (discount code: BGkdj5689m):
GK66 wired:

Special thanks to Banggood for providing the product sample for this video!

GK6XPlus Driver:

Greetings, tingleheads and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts! Today on Relaxing Reviews, I take a look at the GK66 Bluetooth RGB mechanical keyboard, courtesy of This interesting product features the compact footprint of a standard 60% board, but packs in a ton of extra functionality thanks to its split spacebar and dedicated arrow keys. Equally interesting are its Gateron optical switches which use a completely different actuation mechanism than conventional mechanical switches. Add to that the hot-swap sockets and RGB backlight, and the GK66 starts to sound pretty compelling! Could this little board be a budget-minded power user’s dream? Watch to find out!

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  1. Hayden Read
    Hayden Read says:

    Hi Nick, I just wanna say thank you for helping me through my exams. Your videos really helped me when I was stressed or unable to sleep before exam days. Thanks to you, I got all the grades I wanted and more. Keep up the amazing work!,

  2. Michael McCabe
    Michael McCabe says:

    Could we get some random reviews occasionally? Like a craft beer review, game reviews, etc. I love your page man literally fall asleep to your videos like half of the week 🔥👍


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